Michael A – Rhombus EP (Sound Avenue)

The 57th release on Sound Avenue finds the label welcoming Michael A back for a brand new EP.

Michael A - Rhombus EP

The Belarus based producer last appeared on the Belgian imprint with a contribution to the labels ‘Spring Sampler’ which was released in March of this year. Michael’s latest EP finds him crafting two brand new originals ‘Rhombus’ and ‘Education’. It’s awesome watching producer’s rise to greatness and Michael A is definitely on an amazing journey at the moment. As the year is now nearly over he has collected much support from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J, in addition to starting his own Genesis Music label he’s also branched out and signed productions to Tulipa Records and Superordinate Music. 

The lead track on the release ‘Rhombus’ begins with some ominous growls and a mean hypnotic vibe. Metallic hits soon collect around the framework and once the groove takes shape there’s some wonderful momentum building. With the atmosphere rising a hopeful pad comes to light and enhances the moody nature of the piece quite nicely. After initiating a short break the glimmering overlay gives way to an indistinct vocal loop which makes for a killer hypnotic conclusion. Beautiful work from Michael A.

The companion piece ‘Education’ has been the subject of much hype of late. After appearing in a Guy J and Guy Mantzur back to back Ibiza set the collective underground has been actively searching this track out. Sound Avenue snapped it up quickly and it closes the release out with a beautiful vibe. It’s not hard to see why Guy and Guy chose it for their Ibiza showcase. It’s unique vocal elements, growling bass tones and percussive energy all meld together for some of Michael’s strongest ever work. This one’s got a real presence and the musical storyboard which develops prior to and during the break are what seals it as a great record. The strong club elements are all there but tied to it is a great musical narrative which is sure to be remembered long after the night is over. Gorgeous work from Michael and a great signing for Sound Avenue. Don’t miss it.

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