Michael A – Rosemary EP (Genesis Music)

The final Genesis Music release of 2015 finds label boss Michael A returning for a brand new three track EP.

Michael A - Rosemary EP

It’s been an amazing year for the Belarus based producer, filled with positivity from all angles. Aside from launching his own imprint and watching it grow to one of the underground’s best new labels, Michael’s music has been played on multiple occasions by Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. His most recent work, for Sound Avenue in particular has been excellent and he continues that momentum with a top notch three track EP entitled ‘Rosemary’.

The release begins with its showcase piece ‘Rosemary’ which finds Michael crafting a dark and groovy progressive gem. A thick, rolling groove lays down a great foundation while a choice selection of electronics adorn the framework. From indistinct vocals, spiralling themes and a trippy hypnotic lead there are so many elements to get lost in here. It’s a psychedelic audio collage of the highest order, furthered by a mesmerizing and deeply enchanting break; all culminating with a subtle build and trailing vocal effects which carry the track into an intense finale. Another big tune from Michael and surely one of his best originals to date.

The EPs second selection ‘Mirrors’ comes off a touch more melodic and equally powerful. Anchored by a warm, full groove and lovely synth swells it builds with strong momentum towards the main break. Here smooth chord changes and a killer vocal loop lift the emotion up a few notches, ultimately bringing that strong, full groove back for a big moment. The harmonic refrains running through the third act are what grab me the most, a really indistinct part of the track when you consider the more prominent melodies and vocal gates but they make the track that extra bit special for me. Beautiful work from Michael again.

The EP concludes with ‘Haze’ which is definitely the trippiest and perhaps deepest of the three. A spacious groove sets the piece in motion before some murky synth work and phasing vox add a lovely atmospheric haze. A delicate sequence of keys slowly descends over the framework as the vocal storyboard continues to evolve. The break, while brief adds even more drama with big atmospheric swells before the conclusion once again focuses on new found vocal elements and a melodic sheen which adds a wonderful emotive touch. A great track and a perfect one to close out the EP. It’s been a huge year for Michael A and Genesis Music but 2016 will no doubt be even better. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

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