Michael A & Dmitry Molosh – Resolutions / East (Sound Avenue)

2013 saw a distinguished group of up and coming progressive house producers really start to hit their stride. Michael A. and Dmitry Molosh were both definitely part of that group. The two Belarus based producers added a number of solid outings to their discographies with appearances on 3rd Avenue, Dopamine and Particles. Michael and Dimitry were both individually noted for their pristine sounding studio creations that were rich in atmosphere and melody. Sound Avenue has always been a label that never necessarily does what you’d expect. The flagship imprint for their label collective will just as easily release a standout three track EP from a relative unknown such as Daraspa or a tried and tested name like Sound Process. For Sound Avenue’s 32nd overall release we see the Belgian imprint presenting Michael A. and Dmitry Molosh’s first collaborative productions together. Their debut double A-side release is entitled ‘Resolutions / East’ and it gets their joint studio efforts off to a great start.

The lead track on the EP ‘Resolutions’ presents a tough, titanium coated framework at the outset. A wealth of hard-hitting beats, metallic hits and sweeping electronics cast a heady vibe as the composition begins to build. Washed out vocal gates and raspy synth hooks complement the groove further as the main breakdown approaches. The downright sinister sound design shines during the drop and as things get tweaked a few notches further a sizable amount of tension is built up. As the kick drops back in the razor sharp synths rip through the atmosphere and the eerie vocal sweeps pan across the framework for what results in a truly amazing climax.

The companion piece ‘East’ finds Michael & Dmitry with a much deeper and more atmospheric creation which complements the tougher “Resolutions’ wonderfully. The duos intricate drum work is once again meticulously processed with a shimmering coat of dazzling effects. The ever-evolving atmospheric swells roll through the track with an effortless pulse that is deeply hypnotic. The main break presents a delicate melodic theme which works through a mind bending chain of modulation before the sultry beats gracefully reappear. The second half sees the rich harmonic textures rise even higher amidst the hazy atmospheric backdrop for a tastefully restrained conclusion that just leaves you wanting more.

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