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Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Rendez Vous (Movement)

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic have continued to broaden their sound over the first quarter of 2013. The much loved trio and founders of Mistique Music have appeared on Sound Avenue, Movement, OLD SQL, Clinique, Bonzai and Green Martian over the last 3 months. They’ve delivered big festival style progressive house all the way through to deeper more soulful sounding house which has earned them an even wider spectrum of fans. Movement’s 70th overall release sees the trio returning to the label for their sixth overall appearance and a new single entitled ‘Rendez Vous’ which comes with two top notch remixes from Antix and Beat Syndrome.

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s last single for Movement (entitled Violence) really represented a distinctly different sound for the trio at the time. The Mistique label bosses continue to push their production boundaries with ‘Rendez Vous’ which might go down as the trio’s deepest and most musical creation to date. After a DJ friendly intro a perfectly processed piano provides a smooth transition into the introduction of a spacious bass line along with some incredibly fresh vocal samples. The deep and sultry groove powers forward towards the main break with subtle melodies and spacey atmospherics providing some captivating moments. The breakdown is one of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s finest moments with piano subtleties and drifting soundscapes delivering a truly enchanting musical interlude. The understated rhythmic build is equally brilliant as is reveals the spacious groove with newly constructed chord changes which afford an excellent climax to the track.

The first remix is supplied by Antix who are making their first appearance on Movement. Barton and Hayden Strom, otherwise known as Antix, hail from New Zealand with a musical background rich with influences from Ritchie Hawtin to Rhythm and Sound. Brothers, studio partners, and seasoned producers whose achievements to date encompass four albums, a fruitful international touring career, and an array of heavyweight productions spread across their three monikers Antix, Fiord, and Triangle. Having just come off a massive single for Darin Epsilon’s ‘Perspectives Digital’ the Antix boys have delivered a top notch remix of ‘Rendez Vous. Barton and Hayden have taken many of the key elements from the original and twisted them into a pumping tech house construction that delivers some amazing hypnotic energy. As the rhythmic elements build the tracks momentum really takes off with several quick drops and great use of the vocal elements providing some sensory stimulation along the way. Massive remix from Antix.

The final remix on the package comes from Beat Syndrome who are returning to Movement for their sixth overall appearance. The Canadian duo fresh off a European tour and a hugely successful single for Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music are riding higher than ever at the moment. Their remix here will only add to the duos monumental rise in popularity. Beat Syndrome’s unique and groovy sound has worked wonders on ‘Rendez Vous’. A well shaped, character laden bass line sits at the foundation and pulsates with a dynamic energy. Wispy vocal accents and driving drums push the track mightily towards the main drop. Here an esoteric set of bass tones combined with a spacey atmospheric back drop delivers a uniquely charismatic interlude. The bassy plucks enhance the groove even further upon its return and the second half powers forward to a great climax. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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