Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Chronicles In Motion Vol. 2 (Kunai Records)

The ninth release on Kunai Records finds the label bosses Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic looking back over their discography.

Kunai Records

The much loved producer trio have been remixed by some incredible artists over the years and the second installment of the labels ‘Chronicles In Motion’ series showcases five of the finest. Featured on the release are Dousk, Lank, Sahar Z, Antix and Tom Glass.

The first selection is Dousk’s interpretation of Favela’ which was originally released on Deersky’s Soundteller Records in June of 2014. The Greek producer shot into the electronic music spotlight in 2004 with releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint; subsequent releases on Vapour, Lost Language and Global Underground soon followed and with that Dousk became one of the most sought after producers from the talent rich country of Greece. Recently Dousk has found a home releasing on Proton Music with several of his latest productions coming courtesy of the prominent US imprint. Here Dousk has delivered an exceptional interpretation of ‘Favela’. The Greek producers big beats, dubby vocals and unmistakable drums carve out a nice groove early on. The bass heavy stabs carry a lot of weight and some subtle modulation keeps the line fresh throughout the entire production. The track really starts to generate some nice momentum once the brighter rhythms get worked in and it leads the track into the main break. Here a tension building tone gently rises and summons the beats back in along with loosely clattered drums which sound absolutely deadly all through the second half conclusion. Outstanding work from Dousk.

The second selection is Lank’s remix of ‘Follow Me’ which was originally released on Sound Avenue in March of 2013. Lank is certainly Hungary’s most well known electronic music producer and he’s continued to build on that success with releases on microCastle and Proton not to mention building his Colorblock alias which has been doing some exceptionally cool stuff. For his ‘Follow Me’ interpretation Lank has transformed the track into a deep and groovy masterpiece that’s full of subtle melodic themes and quirky hooks that really standout. The Hungarian’s smooth flowing storyboard is constantly evolving and makes for several memorable moments along the way. Excellent remix from Lank.

The third remix featured here is Sahar Z’s interpretation of ‘Justice’ which was originally released on Movement Recordings in October of 2013. The Israeli studio veteran has a meticulous discography with includes appearances on Bedrock, Sudbeat and Lost & Found. Sahar’s ”Justice’ interpretation adds some amazing funk which brings the piece even closer to the dance floor. A more stripped back approach allows the spacey sounds and infectious drums to breathe while sections of shimmering atmospheres weave their magic throughout. Sahar’s remix has been a favourite of many DJs over the last year, most notably Guy J who featured it on his ‘Romania with Love’ mix so you know it’s not to be missed.

The fourth remix is the Antix take on Rendez-Vous which was originally released on Movement Recordings in April of 2013. Barton and Hayden Strom, otherwise known as Antix, hail from New Zealand with a musical background rich with influences from Ritchie Hawtin to Rhythm and Sound. Brothers, studio partners, and seasoned producers whose achievements to date encompass four albums, a fruitful international touring career, and an array of heavyweight productions spread across their three monikers Antix, Fiord, and Triangle. Here the Antix boys have delivered a top notch remix of ‘Rendez Vous. Barton and Hayden have taken many of the key elements from the original and twisted them into a pumping tech house construction that delivers some amazing hypnotic energy. As the rhythmic elements build the tracks momentum really takes off with several quick drops and great use of the vocal elements providing some sensory stimulation along the way. Massive remix from Antix.

The final remix featured on Chronicles 2 is the Tom Glass interpretation of ‘Route 85’ which was originally released on Perspectives Digital in July of 2013. The Polish producer’s intricate melodic sound continues to be a firm favorite of Nick Warren, as he has appeared on Nick’s Hope Recordings on eleven occasions thus far in his career. Tom’s ‘Route 85’ remix presents a much more techno inspired vibe which carries some amazing musicality with it. Filled with rolling grooves, blissful pads, and energetic piano stabs, Tom has crafted a mix that should more than satisfy all the techno purists out there.

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