The sixth release on Kunai Records once again sees the label bosses Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic returning for a brand new single. Kunai Records has proved to be the premier outlet for the hugely in demand material of the much loved production trio. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s latest single ‘Domino Effect’ promises to be one of their finest to date and comes with two excellent remixes from: Antrim and Hugo Ibarra & Uvo.

Many long-time fans of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic felt that the trios last Kunai offering ‘The Puppet Master’ was one of their finest studio creations to date. ‘Domino Effect’ more than continues that strong momentum and finds the trio showcasing a deep, hypnotic sound that is rich in musicality. The tough kicks are incredibly impactful while the rolling rhythms add some amazing swing to the rapidly growing groove. As the enchanting harmonic themes slowly surround the tracks framework the piece begins to strip itself down and enter the main break. Here a bed of fluttering electronics and warm bass tones build to reveal a second half that soars with melody and emotion. Both long time and new fans of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic will absolutely fall in love with this production as it’s one of the trios most heart-felt compositions to date.

One of the more talked about Argentinean producers over the last year has been Guillermo Cornejo aka Antrim. His appearances on Perspectives Digital, Sound Avenue and Classound Recordings have yielded some of the best progressive house releases of the last year. He makes his debut appearance on Kunai Records here and provides the first remix of ‘Domino Effect’. In going with a deeper and more stripped down interpretation Antrim has delivered the perfect complement to Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s massive original. The punchy framework is accented with metallic hits, angelic vocal pads and hypnotic trails which create a pleasantly surreal environment. The main breakdown introduces an expertly constructed melodic theme which is both unique and captivating. It carries the tracks strong second half and provides an unforgettable finish that Antrim fans are sure to love.

The final interpretation is provided by the red hot Hugo Ibarra and Uvo. The Mexican duo are on the cusp of launching their very own ‘Intemporal’ imprint and their productions continue to be firm favourites of Hernan Cattaneo. The duo recently reworked Dmitry Molosh’s ‘Singing Heavens’ for Movement Recordings which was selected as one of Beatport’s Must Hear tracks of the week. For their debut appearance on Kunai Records Hugo and Uvo have provided a deep and alluring interpretation of ‘Domino Effect’. The Mexican duo’s rolling rhythms and trippy lines sound truly inspired here and create a wonderful momentum early. The short spurts of building energy get complemented with soft melodic swells and glimmering pads which continue to push the record further into the stratosphere. The charged energy of the production peaks in the second half with waves of drum modulation and sparkling electronics assaulting your senses for an unforgettable conclusion.

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    Mitch Alexander

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