Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic – Roll The Dice (Clinique Recordings)

Clinique Recordings returns this week in fine style with a brand new single from Micheal, Levan and Stiven Rivic.

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic

The much loved trio first appeared on the Russian imprint in February of 2013 with a remix of Mindaugas Jak ‘Deeplandia’. Quarter four of this year has been a great one for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic; remixes for Gai Barone along with singles for Kunai Records and Movement Recordings have been highlights. Their debut single for Clinique Recordings is entitled ‘Roll The Dice’ and it comes with remixes from Diogo Ribeiro, Napalm & d-phrag and Progress Inn.

Micheal & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s last single was the aforementioned ‘Keep In Touch’ which saw remixes from Quivver and Ioan Gamboa. It was a deep, driving production with a dazzling display of sonic elegance. ‘Roll The Dice’ comes in decidedly funkier and also quirkier. That boundless energy which is always so evident on Micheal & Levan and Stiven Rivic productions is strong here but it’s the unique hooks which really suck you in. The tracks vivacious framework has a choppy bounce and the accompanying stabs just add to the electricity. A stripped down middle section avoids the obligatory main break and provides a trippy sequence of ideas back into the heart of groove. Excellent stuff from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic.

The first remix is supplied by Diogo Ribeiro who is making his fifth appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Portuguese producer has long been one of his country’s most recognizable electronic music figures. Aside from running 24 Hours Records Diogo has an extensive discography which includes originals and remixes on Flow Records, Iboga and Movement Recordings. For his ‘Roll The Dice’ interpretation Diogo has crafted a club friendly, percussive beast of a track which absolutely rocks. The dynamic rhythms carry the bouncy vibes from the original nicely and a big second half closes things out with an even funkier approach.

The second interpretation of ‘Roll The Dice’ is provided by Napalm & d-phrag who are making their third appearance on Clinique Recordings. The much loved duo are fresh off their ‘Event Horizon’ EP and also a wicked remix for Shane’s ‘Rocketship’. For their ‘Roll The Dice’ interpretation Napalm & d-phrag have injected their own dose of dance floor energy to the track. The percussive groove comes with a huge presence which just grows over the first half of the record. This leads to the main break where the intensity gets upped even further. Swirling atmospheres and tension fills sweeps are the order of the day and eventually reveal a trippy vocal gate which summons the groove back in for a storming finish.

The fourth and final interpretation is supplied by Progress Inn who are making their second appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Serbian based duo are fresh off an incredible remix of Blusoul’s ‘Depth Of Emotion’ which was released just last week courtesy of Juicebox Music. For their ‘Roll The Dice’ interpretation Progress Inn have put their own dubby, techno twist on the track and the results are quite exceptional. Tough beats and glacial sounding rhythms cast a sleek hypnotic vibe over the piece and carry it with ease through to the main break. This barren, gaseous interlude conjures up images of a stark alien-like wasteland. It’s a wicked vibe and it more than prepares you for a muscular second half conclusion. Great stuff for Progress Inn which rounds out a superb release for Clinique Recordings; one of their biggest this year.

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