Michael A. – Paint Venice / Avenue of Lights (3rd Avenue)

Sound Avenue’s progressive house sub division 3rd Avenue returns after a top notch EP from Progress Inn with a new 2 tracker this week. The hugely up and coming Michael A. makes his debut on the label with ‘Paint Venice / Avenue of Lights’

The Belarus based producer has been one of 2013’s most talked about new producers. His recent outings on DAR, Balkan Connection, Mistique and Stellar Fountain Deep have really caught our attention. ‘Paint Venice’ leads the EP off with a very sombre vibe that sets a wonderful atmosphere early on. As the chunky framework begins to develop a deep musicality comes over the piece with these gorgeous waning synths and sparkling electronics. It’s a sound we haven’t really heard from Michael before whose known for his tougher melodic techno so it’s great to see him exploring deeper, more soulful sounding territory. Great stuff from Michael!

The companion piece ‘Avenue of Lights’ sees Michael focusing more on that melodic techno sound that we spoke about earlier. It’s probably one of Michael’s most sonic sounding records to date. The big sweeps and grinding grooves carry a sizable amount of weight and the ethereal electronics which so skillful surround the piece are just incredibly enchanting. However it’s really the descending melodic tones that grab you the most here; incredibly simple but when processed to perfection like they are here it’s aural candy of the highest order. Two top tunes from Michael which we think are his most well rounded tracks to date and another cutting edge release from 3rd Avenue who are really hitting their stride now.

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