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Mike Griego – Oblivion (Golden Wings Music)

Golden Wings Music returns with a smashing new single from Mike Griego alongside an outstanding remix from Muzarco.

Mike Griego - Oblivion

2014 saw Mike Griego with several memorable moments. The Argentinean producer crafted (in conjunction with Stas Drive) one of the years finest in ‘Mocca Sunset’ only to follow that up with the emotional epic ‘Sofia’ (in conjunction with Amber Long). It capped off the most successful year of Mike’s career and left his fans wanting to hear more as 2015 approached. Now returning to Golden Wings we see Mike with his first single of the year ‘Oblivion’ which includes a remix from Muzarco.

I’ve always thought of Mike as more of a techno producer even though he’s routinely grouped in with the progressive new school because of a few select collaborations. His DJ sets certainly showcase a modern techno sensibility and that’s exactly what we get on ‘Oblivion’. It’s funky, well carved groove sets a wicked foundation for the dance floor while a nice complement of esoteric designs captivates your senses and adds worthwhile rhythms. It’s the funky energy which is really appealing here, both from a club and listening perspective. It’s a really unique sound which certainly stands out from the pack. Excellent stuff from Mike.

The lone remix of ‘Oblivion’ is provided by Muzarco who is making his first appearance on Golden Wings Music. The Israeli producer has always been vastly underappreciated in my opinion and remains one of the most creative artists in techno. His productions are not only unique but tend to carry that timeless quality which is quite rare in electronic music nowadays. ‘Stringer Bell’ (written in conjunction with Nir Shoshani) remains an all time favourite of mine and his recent works like ‘Reillusionment’ are always on the creative cutting edge. For his ‘Oblivion’ interpretation Muzarco has put a cool futuristic spin on Mike’s floor destroying original. Stark electronics combined with a grinding, shifty groove and aquatic designs make for a moody yet extraordinarily uplifting journey. There is a much deeper emotion lurking here and it’s one you should all seek out. Incredible work from Muzarco and a top notch release from Golden Wings Music. Highly Recommended.

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