Mike Griego & Stas Drive – Mocca Sunset EP – Flow Vinyl

DJ Pena’s Flow Vinyl returns this week for what is one of this year’s most anticipated releases from Mike Griego & Stas Drive.

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DJ Pena’s Flow Vinyl returns this week for what is one of this year’s most anticipated releases. The labels 57th offering features a brand new collaborative project from two of electronic music’s freshest and most hyped producers of the year. Mike Griego and Stas Drive have had a hand in some very memorable projects in recent months. From Mike’s futuristically styled ‘The Fourth Dimension’ EP on Sudbeat Music to Stas Drive’s funky atmospheric take on Simon Shackleton ‘We All Shine On’ for Hope Recordings these are two producers who are currently at the top of their game. Their debut EP together is entitled ‘Mocca Sunset’ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

A few months ago a long line of YouTube videos started popping up of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J all playing ‘Mocca Sunset’. It’s kaleidoscopic melodies, radiant atmospheres and techno inspired framework were a breath of fresh air for electronic music fans. It’s quickly grown into one of the most sought after melodic records of the year and props to Flow Vinyl who has gotten it out quickly while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. If you love emotional electronic music that still comes with a dynamic dance floor presence then there’s no reason not to buy this. The trail of support doesn’t stop with Hernan, Nick and Guy either as Dosem, Wehbba, Cid Inc., Marco Carola, Edu Imbernon and a long line of A-list producers have also sent in their love for this unique track.

The EP also includes two more selections which both provide some magical moments as well. The spaced out beginnings of ‘Savannah’ slowly mutate into a rhythmic tech house bomb. It’s colourful stabs and delicate hypnotic underbelly are incredibly infectious and should be a real delight for a massive cross section of DJs. Closing the release out is the appropriately titled ‘Final Whisper’ which is perhaps the most emotionally satisfying piece on the EP. It’s the sort of track you’d like to hear at the end of a long rewarding journey. It’s wispy vocals, organic key clusters and euphonious pads create a sonic landscape of deep emotion which puts a perfect cap on this excellent EP.

It’s a marvelous thing when two producers come together on a collaborative project and the results far exceed what anyone could have expected. If you’re looking to play something that people are going to remember long after the night is over or just add a timeless piece of music to your collection you’d be hard pressed to find something better than ‘Mocca Sunset’. It’s emotional electronic music that sounds like it comes from the heart and not the mind. One of the best releases of the year. Don’t miss it.

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