Milos Ilic – Lunar (System Recordings)

The latest release from System Recordings finds Milos Ilic returning to the label for his first single entitled ‘Lunar’.

Milos Ilic - Lunar

The Serbian producer first appeared on the US imprint in February of this year with a remix of AudioStorm’s ‘Control Factor’. It was a powerful rendition complete with funky club inspired grooves, bouncy rhythms and a massive break set as the centrepiece. System now welcomes Milos back for his first single entitled ‘Lunar’ which includes remixes from Stas Drive and Futur-E.

2015 has without a doubt featured the strongest productions of Milos’ career. His recent remixes for Majestic Family and PHW Elements were standouts and his first single of the year ‘Lunar’ is equally appealing. Beginning with a deep, chugging foundation and smooth rhythms it doesn’t take long for this one to suck you in. Those bouncy lines and big sonic sweeps build big energy and the stripped back second act keeps things nice and fresh with loads of cool designs. Really nice work from Milos.

The first interpretation of ‘Lunar’ is provided by Stas Drive who is returning to System Recordings for his sixth appearance. The Ukrainian artist has been one of 2015’s hottest producers thus far. Since his remix of Navid Mehr feat Amber Long ‘Gathas’ in early January Stas Drive has been on a major roll. Original productions for Keep Thinking and Spaghetti Monster along with a remix of Sea’s ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ (also courtesy of System Recordings) has made Stas one of this year’s most creative producers. He’s gone one step further with ‘Lunar’ as he’s delivered two interpretations which are both quite cool. Stas’ main mix is quite the radical reinvention, he’s managed to craft something with an ageless electronica type feel which is sure to please not only his deep and progressive fans but also a wide assortment of the more techno minded connoisseurs. The main break is a thing of beauty with cascading pianos gently falling over the stripped back framework. And the warm rush out of the break is sensational as the layered beats drop back in and the effervescent analogs carry you home. Stas’ ‘Dub Mix’ offers up the same sleek vibe minus the distinctive lead line. I suspect most will go for the dub here but both no doubt have their place. Wonderful music from Stas Drive once again.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Lunar’ is provided by Futur-E who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The Greek producer is known for a fresh sound which fuses techno minded grooves with progressive sensibilities. In the last five years he’s racked up an impressive discography with releases on Inlab Recordings, Cinematique, MNL and Tulipa. For his ‘Lunar’ interpretation Futur-E has put his own unique techno twist on the track. The groove has been reshaped into a powerful, pulsating beast and the accompanying vocal gates and wispy sonics give it a real ethereal feel. It’s a tough minded track but the design keeps it’s remarkably smooth which is one of its strong suits as well. Great remix from Futur-E which rounds out a very strong release for System Recordings on a high note. Highly Recommended.

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