Mindshield – Dandelion (Stellar Fountain)

Cristian Tate is an upcoming producer from Argentina, as known as Mindshield. He has been working around with some of the finest labels in the progressive scene like Mistique Music, Spring Tube, BCSA and many more. After a well received breaks remake from East Café’s ‘Seashells’ he returns to Stellar Fountain with a balanced original material called ‘Dandelion’. This huge package contains also 4 remixes by Ewan Rill, Augusto Balmaceda, Kaan Koray and Matias Ricciardi.

The original track got the name after a flowering plant, dandelion which can be found in numerous places on our planet. Some catchy melody riffs taking the lead from the very first seconds, while the pulsating rhythms assisting to create an unbelievable atmosphere. Ewan Rill is the man of the moment in the progressive scene nowadays. He deserved to get this title, if you won’t agree, just take a listen to his remix! Pure quality stuff, with unique soundscapes, built upon the recognizable original elements.

Augusto Balmaceda from Argentina went a bit deeper and darker in his version, while stay true to the vibration of the main theme. Kaan Koray’s dreamy vision is a soul healer including gentle harmonies. Matias Ricciardi’s rework is traveling us to the world of deep-tribal, powered up with some sinister strings. Release Promo Hype Chart #3

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