MiraculuM – Blue Grass (238W Inc.)

The latest release from 238W Inc. welcomes MiraculuM back to the label for his debut single.

MiraculuM - Blue Grass

The Hungarian artist and Stellar Fountain label boss first appeared on the US imprint with a remix of ‘Lost In Love’ by Biologik & Royal Sapien. Other 2015 highlights for MiraculuM included one of his all time best remix productions on Scotty.A’s ‘Next Chapter’ which remains a highlight in the Stellar Fountain label catalog. Now for his debut single on 238W Inc. MiraculuM presents ‘Blue Grass’ alongside remixes from Andrea Cassino and Audioglider. 

We’ve all watched MiraculuM tailor his spacey take on progressive electronica this year. A tighter, more streamlined version of it seems to be in constant evolution and the next piece in that story is ‘Blue Grass’. Remarkably sleek it’s a track filed with electronic intricacies, all of which play off each other to great effect in a sonic playground of melody and texture. The funkiness of the groove (long a trademark of MiraculuM productions) is compounded by some marvellous synth hooks, along with percussive waves which seem to let up at precisely the right moment. Excellent work from the Hungarian artist and one of his most accomplished pieces to date I would think.

The first interpretation of ‘Blue Grass’ is supplied by Andrea Cassino who is making his first appearance on 238W Inc. The Italian born, now Argentina based producer began his career being one half of the Cassino and Laben duo who ruled the underground six or so years ago. His solo project and also Nocturna project with Danny Lloyd have been on fire ever since. Appearances on Sudbeat Music and Lapsus Music have all been impressive and his hugely anticipated ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ just saw a very successful release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records. Andrea’s ‘Blue Grass’ interpretation keeps that strong momentum going with a dubby, laid back techno inspired take which absolutely rocks. Anchored by a liquid like groove, this one comes off super smooth and there’s nothing along the way which dissuades it from that. A bed of charming melodies sets a wonderful back drop while a glimmering overlay initiates the main break. The luminous second act couldn’t be any more perfect with a just a hint of tension overlaying it’s radiant beauty, and once the beats drop its smooth rush of drums and atmospheres, combining for an exhilarating finish. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Blue Grass’ is provided by Audioglider who is making his second appearance on 238W Inc. The UK producer made his debut on the US imprint by not only contributing two tracks to the labels Contemporary Elements | Amsterdam compilation but also mixing it as well. I first remember hearing Audioglider on one of the Stripped labels with (from what I remember) was a shoegazey electronica style which I found very fresh and intriguing. I’ve been following his productions ever since and he delivers a fine remix here once again. It’s bouncy rhythms, subtle acid hooks and breaky feel carve out a wonderful groove over the first half. It’s laid back vibe is a pleasure to listen to and a poignant break separates the acts with a heightened emotion which is a lovely tip of the hat to the original. Strong remix from Audioglider and another well put together release from 238W Inc who are without a doubt one of this year’s most consistent labels. Highly Recommended.

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