MiraculuM – Cyclop (Superordinate Music)

The latest release on Superordinate Music welcomes MiraculuM to the label for his debut single.


The Hungarian producer and Stellar Fountain label boss has a busy week with his ‘Conflux’ single due out on Clinique Recordings as well. We last heard from him with his excellent remix of Scotty.A’s ‘Next Chapter’, released just last week on Stellar Fountain. MiraculuM’s debut single for Superordinate is entitled ‘Cyclop’ and it includes remixes from Antrim, Tommi Oskari and Pad One.

We heard a more refined sound on MiraculuM’s ‘Next Chapter’ remix and ‘Cyclop’ has a few surprises as well. His trippy, spaced out design is certainly a focal point but a more stripped down groove carries a punchy, techno dynamic which really makes the track quite unique. After a full first act the main break brings things right down to an atmospheric haze, which the unassuming drop complements perfectly. Those punchy beats sound great in the sparser surroundings and add a lot of drama prior to the psychedelic assault which ensues at the finale. Wonderful work from MiraculuM.

The remixes included here all add something nice to the original as well. First up Antrim follows his great EP for Balkan Connection with a deeper more subversive take on the original. The lead lines are quite indistinct here and a growling synth hook adds an interesting new twist. An overlay of sparkling design and warm pads carries the piece into the break where the great lines from the original get a moment in the spotlight. A tasteful third act finishes the track off in style with those raspy hooks leading the charge. Great remix from Antrim.

Next up Tommi Oskari makes his first appearance on Superordinate and reworks the track in his own inimitable style. The Finnish producer is fresh off a remix for Shai T ‘A7’ released courtesy of PHW Elements just 3 weeks ago. For his ‘Cyclop’ interpretation Tommi has added his own techno inspired flair chopping the lead lines a touch for loopy, hypnotic feel. Like Antrim’s mix the moments after the break are really the high point with those gnarly bass stabs leading the way along with some ethereal sounding dynamics which oddly remind me of Hallucinogen’s ‘LSD’. Beautiful remix from Tommi and my favourite on the release as well.

The release concludes with Pad One who is returning to Superordinate for his second appearance. The Italian producer was integral in launching the label as his ‘Double Trouble’ EP was Superordinate’s second ever release in July of this year. For his ‘Cyclop’ interpretation Pad One has gone spacious in design and perhaps more atmospheric as well. The lead themes from MiraculuM’s original are well conveyed here and the roomy surroundings give them ample room to breathe. It’s laid back approach is a fitting end to the release which is again quite strong for Superordinate Music. Don’t miss it.

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