MiraculuM – Dissonant Dreamscapes (Balkan Connection)

The 238th release on Balkan Connection is out this week and it features the return of one of Hungary’s finest producers. MiraculuM is well known for not only his excellent labels Stellar Fountain and Stellar Fountain Deep but also his productions which have appeared on Renaissance, Proton and Lowbit. This is Miraculum’s fourth appearance on Balkan Connection and he’s delivered an excellent single entitled ‘Dissonant Dreamscapes’ which includes remixes from: Li-Polymer and Napalm & d-phrag.

Gyorgy Udvardy aka Miraculum has always had this incredibly organic and dreamy sound which has been favoured by Nick Warren on many occasions. ‘Dissonant Dreamscapes’ fits that description nicely and is certainly one of Miraculum’s coolest works to date. The deep, organic textures that Gyorgy creates are just incredible; a really otherworldly sound for sure. The clusters of sparkling keys, haunting vocal gates and well shaped electronics are a true assault on your senses while the cool and sultry groove is careful not to go too far. It’s like a perfect sonic balance which Gyorgy has nailed flawlessly here.

The first remix is provided by Fabio Pereira aka Li-Polymer who is making his 24th appearance on Balkan Connection. The Portuguese producer has just come off a very cool remix of Aman’s ‘Cloud Patterns’ on Deersky’s Soundteller Records and also has Stellar Fountain, Mistique, Lowbit and Afterglow on his discography. For his ‘Dissonant Dreamscapes’ interpretation Li-Polymer has taken all those incredible sounds from the original and crafted a more stripped down rework. The bubbly textures and fresh electronics are downplayed just a touch in favour of a deep and melodic groove that really hits those emotional senses perfectly.

The release is closed out with a remix from the busiest production duo around at the moment. Napalm & d-phrag had 3 releases last week and their remix here is their 7th already for the month of July. The quality stays high though as they’ve delivered another top notch remix of ‘Dissonant Dreamscapes’. It’s a slightly more atmospheric production than we’re used to from Napalm & d-phrag and it’s really turned out amazing. The big gaseous sweeps and wispy vocal gates are completely intoxicating and make you wish the track was even longer which is a pretty rare thing. And as with all Napalm & d-phrag stuff it’s got a big dance floor presence but knows exactly where to draw the line before it goes to big. Excellent work from this talented duo and a monster release from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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