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MiraculuM – Juggernaut (Time Capsule)

The hype on the first Time Capsule release has been building since early this year. When Hungarian producer East Cafe announcing the he had created his own label imprint it was an exciting moment for many in the progressive music underground. He’s been a favourite of electronic music fans around the globe since his early productions on Morphosis Records in 2007. His production quality and style has grown immensely since those early days and all indications are that he should be great to head up his own label. The first release on Time Capsule is a brand new single from MiraculuM entitled ‘Juggernaut’ which includes remixes from: Kacper Kostecki and John Johnson.

As all diehard progressive music fans know Gyorgy Udvardy aka MiraculuM is one of the owners and founders of Stellar Fountain and also one of Hungary’s most unique producers. His inimitable style has even won over Nick Warren. The storied UK DJ featured Miraculum’s ‘Constellation’ production on his 2013 Renaissance Masters compilation. It was one of many career highlights for the Hungarian producer who is now on the verge of releasing his debut album. His latest single ‘Juggernaut’ features more of the dreamy sounds we’ve come to love from him. From the angelic vocal pads to the heartfelt pianos it’s another introspective masterpiece. With an incredibly tough and groovy foundation it packs just as much punch if not more than any of his previous work but the ethereal qualities do not suffer at all as a result in fact it’s one of the biggest sounding tracks of Gyorgy’s career.

The first remix is supplied by Kacper Kostecki who has been quiet all summer on the production front. The Polish producer has been one of most innovative remixers of the last year. His reworks for Dopamine Music and Clinique Recordings were mutant dance floor beasts that sounded radically different from their originals and his ‘Juggernaut’ interpretation follows a similar path. After a massive sonic reconstruction Kacper’s tougher techno take on ‘Juggernaut’ is both powerful and dynamic. Filled with clever edits, revamped vocal pads and a soft atmospheric ambience it goes down as one of his career best productions. Don’t miss it.

The second and final remix is provided by John Johnson who long time electronic music fans will certainly remember for his epic releases ‘Impact’ and ‘City EP’ which both came courtesy of Marc Et Claude’s. On the remix front he’s delivered some tried and tested classics as well with Bedrock’s ‘Heaven Scent’ and Dove Beat’s ‘La Paloma’ being at the top of the list. For his ‘Juggernaut’ interpretation John has provided his own techno inspired take on the track. John’s waves of percussion and rolling hypnotic rhythms make for a wicked interpretation and it closes out the first Time Capsule release on a strong note. Expect much more electronic music excellence from this exciting new imprint. A fabulous first release for Time Capsule.

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