Miraculum – Moonling (Stellar Fountain)

Label co-owner MiraculuM brings his first own material to Stellar Fountain. ‘Moonling’ combines the recognizable MiraculuM sound, with a stylish melody and charming flow, while standing on the border of progressive house and trance with a hint of psy. This time 3 of the 4 remixers was selected after a competition. Beside Andrew K as the headliner name, Andy Weed, Urban Chameleon and Tomek earned his spot on this EP! All of them where featured on Stellar releases before, this time they made impact on ‘Moonling’ all together.

The original mix starts with warm, glistering, and arpeggiator controlled sounds, which leads to a trancy breakdown unfolding a well-designed melodic texture, including John. F Kennedy’s speech in the background. Andy Weed focused more on the string layers, he carefully add new perspectives to the main theme, pointing on an excellent, always evolving track build up. Andrew K was not afraid to go through a different path, his version using impressive, futuristic string sounds, which reminds us the best moments of the Detroit movement. Urban Chameleon slow down the tempo a bit, and made an experimental cut on the original, he kept the melody, but changed the synth preset, to a more marching one, and dropped a pair of mysterious samples into his work. If we have to place Tomek’s rework, it can fit into a melodic techno slot, with spacey arrangement. This gloomy revision is a nice follow up of his latest, well-received studiowork ‘In Your Memory’.

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