MiraculuM – Quantumswarm (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection’s final offering of the year finds the label showcasing one of their best of 2015.

MiraculuM - Quantumswarm

MiraculuM has been quite a lot more prolific of late which is a great thing as I always love listening to his uniquely creative productions. In a year that featured an excellent debut album, superb singles for 238W Inc and his own Stellar Fountain imprint, along with one hugely impressive remix of Scotty.A, MiraculuM has delivered another magical creation in ‘Quantumswarm’ alongside remixes from GMJ and East Cafe.

MiraculuM’s ‘Neurone’ single (released just 3 weeks ago) enjoyed some nice success, not only was it sonically impressive it made a nice charge up to #13 in Beatport’s Progressive House chart. On ‘Quantumswarm’ we see the Hungarian artist with another quirky and incredibly funky creation. Following a deep, dark and mysterious beginning; MiraculuM’s bubbly synth lines brighten up the atmosphere along with some offset claps. Warped mods and clustered keys make for a twisted yet incredibly musical vibe as the track builds towards the main break. MiraculuM has a way of creating these youthful melodies that almost take you back in time somehow. There are innocent, childlike qualities here which is pretty rare in electronic music these days, from the playful pianos to the post break wonky grooves. It all amounts to another incredibly unique production from MiraculuM who at this point is vastly under-rated, his productions sit well outside of anything homogeneous sounding in the progressive landscape and I feel he should be applauded for this. 

The first interpretation of ‘Quantumswarm’ is provided by GMJ who is making his eighth appearance on Balkan Connection. The Australian producer has been another favourite of mine this year, he’s one of a handful of guys keeping an intelligent progressive sound alive. Every production is a unique and well told story, with enough ideas for several tracks by today’s volume based production standards. His interpretation of ‘Quantumswarm’ is no different, while not only providing a nice nod to the original but also delivering something new and more focused on the dance floor. The beat patterns give it a nice shuffle straight away and the vibrant key themes get teased in over the framework during the first act. This leads to the main break before a calculated build culminates with a smooth filter, unveiling the ultimate hypno groove. From here on out GMJ paints a wonderful sonic picture with haunting vocal effects, rippling lines, playful acid hooks and cool aquatic qualities. No doubt great for the dance floor and one which you’ll be hearing a lot throughout the winter months. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Quantumswarm’ is provided by East Cafe who is making his eighth appearance on Balkan Connection. Much like MiraculuM and GMJ, the Hungarian artist and Time Capsule label boss is one of my favourites in the underground. He gave us two of this year’s best underground records in fact with ‘Sonnenlicht’ and ‘Mondschein’ (courtesy LuPS Records) both of which earned plays from Hernan Cattaneo. I always look forward to his productions and he’s closed the year out with an excellent remix of ‘Quantumswarm’. There’s a rugged quality about East Cafe’s productions I’ve always liked and this one begins with a big punchy groove that’s loaded with character. The main themes from the original while present are very indistinct during the first act, almost melding into a sheet of sonic colour rather than standing out as showcase elements. The piano hook initiates the main break where East Cafe expertly builds anticipation with a slow atmospheric drift, ultimately revealing those gargantuan beats once more. From its stripped beginnings the third act offers a smooth hypnotic rush rather than going for broke and the track is all the better for it. It makes for anther stellar remix from East Cafe and one which has also been charted by Hernan Cattaneo. Great release from Balkan Connection to end off 2015 on a high note. Look for all three artists on this release to accomplish bigger and better things in 2016, there’s a lot of creative talent on this one.

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