Mlab – Shuddered By The Dark (Mistique Music)

The 363th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music sees the debut of an exciting new producer to the label. Manos Lampridis aka Mlab hails from Greece and his journey into music began in 1990 with guitar lessons which preceded a love for hip-hop, rap & drum & bass which eventually evolved into the electronic dance scene. Manos is primarily a self taught producer with an emphasis on love and passion for the music. His debut EP for Mistique is entitled ‘Shuddered By The Dark ‘ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

‘Ico’s Adventure’ leads the EP off with a tough groove that’s surrounded by dark undertones and sinister sounding electronics. Cool vocal gates and electrically charged synths slowly surround the framework as some nice atmosphere builds in the backdrop. The overall sound design is very psychedelic and a real pleasure to the ears. The main drop is brief and just serves to bring back a more stripped portion of the groove with a brilliant aura of ambience surrounding it. The track climaxes with rich textures and dreamy atmospheres growing even larger for a memorable sensory experience.

The second track ‘Nice F Model’ begins with a hazy atmospheric vibe and more dark electronics which sound ultra crisp. Skippy percussion patterns and phasing synths provide some nice momentum as the track rolls forward. The break introduces some cool vocal samples which sound like they are emanating from some far off planet. The murky atmosphere soon reveals the kick again along with further development on the vocals which continue to evolve over the second half towards a nice conclusion. A very cool production from Mlab which crosses over to the psychedelic area just a touch. The EP concludes with ‘Shuddered By The Dark’ which is an intro track of sorts. Lots broken beat sequences, trippy sounds, metallic hits and soundtrack overtones conjure up visions of a futuristic industrial waste land. This composition should more than set a wicked atmosphere of any room it’s dropped in if you do choose to use as an intro piece. A fabulous debut EP from Mlab who we hope to hear more from in the near future. Highly Recommended. Release promo Hype Chart Top 25

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