Mlab – Symorphosis (Mistique Music)

The 389th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music sees the return of Mlab to the label. Manos Lampridis aka Mlab made his debut on Mistique in May of this year with his ‘Shuddered By The Dark’ EP. The Greek producer was a relative unknown at the time but it’s been one of the cooler releases on Mistique this year. Mlab’s new EP for Mistique is entitled ‘Symorphosis’ and it comes with four fresh original tracks.

‘Adrenochrome’ leads the EP off and for those that loved the ominous, eerie sound of Mlab’s first EP you’re going to love this. Manos has crafted a dark and sinister sounding framework which is very powerful. The techy groove is well complemented with wide array of metallic electronics and almost scary sounding vocal samples. The break creates this gloomy vibe which is incredibly unique and captivating, very cinematic sounding and something that certainly sticks with you for a while.’Hade’s Rage’ brings another intense, percussive groove to the EP. The rocking psy-prog vibe is made up of impactful hits combined with subtle tones and scary sweeps. A cool sequence of bell-like clusters adds an old school pixie type vibe as the tension continues to build in the backdrop with waves of white noise. It’s another devastating sounding production that should be huge on the darker progressive or psychedelic dance floors out there. ‘No Man On Moon’ is one of the deeper sounding tracks on the EP and has even more of an atmospheric presence that the first two compositions. Again like other Mlab tracks the vocal samples really tell a story here. They add such a nice element to the dark and gloomy environment which already brings a lot of character and grit. The final track on the EP ‘Symorphosis’ brings all those signature Mlab elements together for a fabulous conclusion to the release. It’s the most intense composition on the collection and is certainly not for the faint of heart. The vocal samples are more impactful than ever hear particularly through the drop which is incredibly intense. As the samples build in intensity the near apocalyptic backdrop and punishing framework of the record fades back in for an epic moment that goes down as one of Mlab’s wickedest creations to date. This is only Mlab’s second ever release but he’s one of the most creative new producers out of any we’ve heard this year. Can’t wait to hear more from him.

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