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MNR – Spectral Visions (Sangria)

The eighth release on Verche’s Sangria imprint comes from the Toronto duo Michael and Ryan aka MNR. This is essentially their production debut as well as their only previously released track came on Arthur Deep’s ALLEYS003 compilation from Mango Alley. It also marks the first full length artist album that Sangria has released as well. The album is perfect for listeners who appreciate a journey and treasure the experiences gathered along the way. It tells a story written in deep, rhythmic and electronic soundscapes, never lingering to long in any one space, always seeking to draw you further into a world outside of your own. It offers a brief, calm escape for those who desire music of substance, created out of nothing more (or less) than love and respect for sound.

The album opens with the late night grooves of ‘Tugg Thrakk’ which sets a grungy almost sleazy sounding vibe. The hypnotic rhythms lead into the playfully meandering melodies of ‘Isle Of I’ which changes the mood to something much warmer and more inviting. ‘Fixed Star’ carries that positive vibe nicely with its shimmering keys and warm pads. It’s also one of the biggest sounding tracks on the album and should fair quite nicely on an educated dance floor. The warm, hypnotic undertones of ‘Bouyancy’ are next and present a very introspective vibe which seems to create the perfect transition to the lone beat less track on the album ‘Spectral Visions’. The contemporary electronica styling’s of ‘Spectral Vision’ deliver the perfect interlude for the albums second half which begins with ‘Dubfield’. The subtle filthiness of the acid bass line plays off the slight melodies and wispy backdrop for a solid start to the second half of the LP.

One of our favourite selections on album ‘The Sky Will Fall’ continues the deep vibe with some enchanting melodies along with clave and whistle accents. This brings us to the fantastically punchy but still pleasantly deep ‘Evolver’. Twinkling melodies, heartbreaking pianos and an otherworldly spaciness take you on a real journey which sets the stage for another one of our favourite pieces ‘Sleepwalking’ which closes the album out. The hypnotic vocal hooks, emotional chord changes and undeniable grooves are not only completely captivating but should fare well on the deeper progressive floors out there. This is perhaps the most progressive sounding of the tracks on the LP as well and it sends the overall message of the album home with an incredibly positive vibe. A fabulous collection of music from MNR who have a received an abundance of positive feedback on the album from: Sasha, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc., Stephen Bodzin, Quivver, Dave Seaman and many more. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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