Monojoke – A Better Place (Clinique Recordings)

The latest release on Clinique Recordings welcomes Monojoke back to the label for a brand new single.

Monojoke - A Better Place

The Polish producer has had a great summer with two of his productions earning play and chart support from Guy J. He’s a producer that’s always stuck to his progressive house guns and it’s really starting to pay off. Monojoke’s latest for Clinique is entitled ‘A Better Place’ and it includes remixes from Huminal, Mohn (NL) and Simos Tagias.

If you follow Monojoke’s productions you know he’s not afraid to go big and that’s exactly what he’s done on ‘A Better Place’. Heavy beats, big bold drums and a gnarly stab set the piece in motion while some unique vocal gates pan with reckless abandon. Monojoke has always been great with melody and the swirling wall of cosmic bliss he’s conjured up here might be one of his best yet. In some ways it’s a throwback to the classic Sunday Club and Human Movement productions which focused heavenly on that wall of sound melodic moment. There aren’t many people approaching progressive music in that manner today but Monojoke certainly excels at it. Wonderful work!

The three remixes included all offer nice moments as well. Huminal starts the interpretations off with a more stripped down, tripped out version which features some wonderful design qualities. It’s sparse framework lets the exquisitely tailored percussion, drifting vocals and electronic quirks to truly delight the senses, and a methodical build is met with a drop dead gorgeous break and exhilarating third act, featuring a shimmering overlay of goosebump proportions. Stunning remix from Huminal.

Next up Mohn (NL) brings his energetic, techno style and delivers a great complement to the two previous versions. Anchored by some tough beats and a raspy hook it carries a pretty big presence right out of the gate. An additional vocal motif coming out of the break adds a hint of soul and ultimately reappears during a rugged second half where those raspy synth hooks really shine. Great remix from Mohn (NL). 

Closing the release out is Simos Tagias who goes deep and dreamy in his own inimitable, percussive style. A wealth of indistinct melodies and shimmering motifs make for one of the Greek producer’s most charming creations to date and it just has that end of the release type vibe about it so it sits perfectly a closer. Wonderful remix from Simos and one of the best releases on Clinique Recordings this year. Don’t miss it.

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