Monojoke – La Foule (BC2 Records)

Balkan Connection’s newest division BC2 is off to an incredible start, last week’s release from Cut Knob was exceptional and the previous 4 were all very well constructed as well. It’s a cool concept with d-phrag, Ewan Rill and Beat Maniacs all collectively handling the A&R duties. With three well connected producers you’re bound to get some incredible project and remixers on board. For the labels sixth overall release we see the debut of Monojoke to the label with his latest single entitled ‘La Foule’.

We’ve been praising Monojoke since sometime last year. The Polish producer really seemed to overhaul his sound and he’s been one of the most promising artists in the progressive underground ever since. Long time progressive house veteran and OLD SQL Recordings owner Ivan Nikusev cited Monojoke as his favourite producer of the moment and many other progressive house fans share the same sentiment. With that said ‘La Foule’ may be one of his best yet. The thing about Monojoke’s newer sound that is so amazing is how timeless the melodic components are and ‘La Foule’ exemplifies that perfectly. It’s just such a warm, pleasing production that you can’t help but love it. The subtle vocal elements, growling hooks and escalating rhythms create an epic but still classy vibe. The breakdown sparkles with cascading lines and warm atmospheric swells. It also avoids a big build up in favour of some slight tension and the groove just casually dropping back in which should be perfect for an educated dance floor. Brilliant stuff from Monojoke and really happy to see this one on BC2 which is very quickly growing into something special.

The lone remix on the release comes from Jaap Lighart who is making his first appearance on BC2. The Dutch producer is much loved for his many bootleg reworks along with official releases on MNL, LuPS Records, Baroque and Aurium Recordings. Last week saw his remix of AMAN’s ‘Tears of the Lotus’ come out on Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music which was an exceptionally cool release. For his ‘La Foule’ interpretation Jaap has once again put his own unique techno spin on the track. The Dutch producer has managed to keep the melodic integrity of the original while still adding in a wealth of new and funky elements. The warm bassy foundation flows through a series of chord changes with effortless ease while the sparkling electronics tantalize the senses over the top. For as timeless as the original sounds in a progressive sense this is it’s more techno infused equal. Outstanding stuff from Jaap and a brilliant release from BC2!

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