Monojoke – The Shining (238W Inc.)

The latest release on 238W Inc. welcomes Monojoke back to the label for his debut single.

Monojoke - The Shining (238W Inc.)

The Polish producer has been on a steady rise this year, he’s earned chart, club and mix support from Guy J and has never once wavered from his pure progressive house roots. Now for 238W’s 46th overall release we see Monojoke with his debut single ‘The Shining’ alongside remixes from Soulwerk and Plus Thirty.


The release gets under way with a DJ friendly intro and some distinctive designs which add a nice dramatic flair. As the groove starts to take shape Monojoke’s thunderous drums make their presence felt, along with a cool ‘c’mon’ vocal gate which carries a lovely cadence in relation to the groove. Light atmospherics and glassy electronics then lead the track into its second act where a more distinctive motif begins to develop. It’s a subtle lead theme but with some deadly hooks nonetheless. Most Monojoke productions tend to go for broke in the epic department but this one stays nice and retrained and carries a very cool vibe in doing so. Great work from one of this year’s breakout producers.

The first interpretation of ‘The Shining’ is provided by Soulwerk who is making his first appearance on 238W Inc. Spanish artist Gonzalo Luque aka Soulwerk has been fusing progressive grooves with techno sensibilities since 2011. A long time favourite of Nick Warren, The Spaniard has also found a home on the storied DJ’s Hope Recordings imprint, who released his ‘Genesis’ production earlier this year. Soulwerk now makes his much anticipated 238W debut with a sensational remix of ‘The Shining’. Opting for a more stripped down, techno inspired mix Soulwerk has not only complemented the original really well but delivered one of the most engaging creations of his career. Titanium kicks, percussive waves and a massive wall of well contoured, brooding bass makes for a huge presence. Expertly chopped elements from the original give it a dramatic, almost frantic feel and the wonky main break is set for dance floor destruction. Huge remix from Soulwerk and surely one of his best to date.

The second and final interpretation of ‘The Shining’ is provided by Plus Thirty who are making their second appearance on the label. The Greek duo made their debut on the US imprint in September with ‘Dream Echoes’. The emotive creation saw praise from the underground with the Terje Saether Remix earning the distinct honour of Beatport’s #1 Must Hear track for the week of its release. Now returning for their first remix Plus Thirty remodel ‘The Shining’ into a pristinely produced slice of progressive techno. Anchored by a chugging groove and driving percussion there’s some sizeable momentum building at the tracks outset. Then the Plus Thirty crew unleash a wave of effects which carries the track into its second act, where the lead motif from the original gets dropped in amidst an onslaught of panning claps. A quick build and dynamic drop brings the punishing groove back with a vengeance along with another well constructed wall of effects which just screams peak time. Yep this one’s big and the production is rock solid, definitely a crew to watch out for in the future. Top notch stuff from 238W Inc again who can do no wrong at the moment.

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