Monticule Finalises 2020 Lineup With Efdemin, Surgeon, Lauren Hansom, Cosmo Vitelli & More

Heading into its sixth year, Monticule finalises its stunning lineup for 2020. Having already announced a tantalising selection of names, the festival welcomes further talent from across the dance music spectrum, featuring showcases from an array of influential labels and the scene’s most exciting trailblazers. With activities away from the dancefloor also on offer, Monticule continues to boast a diverse and global programme for all attendees that’s simply not to be missed.

The previously announced and eagerly anticipated Malka Tuti showcase expands to 24 hours, with I’m A Cliché label boss Cosmo Vitelli and Hugo Capablanca joining the likes of KhidjaAsaf Samuel & KatzeleShari Vari liveFull CircleFantastic Twins live and Optimo (Espacio) in taking dancers on a dizzying and ambitious trip across day and night. The unmissable showcases continue, as the pioneering Zozo, mesmeric Eva Geist live and Sacha Mambo play in the prestigious name of Macadam Mambo and Andrea liveZenker Brothers and Surgeon represent the iconic Ilian Tape sound, the latter having just released the twisted techno of The Golden Sea EP on the imprint earlier this month.


Acclaimed Berghain resident Efdemin makes his Monticule debut and it’s destined to be one for the history books, while supreme selector Lauren Hansom touches down to showcase her vast record collection and strictly individual spirit with Multi Culti boss Dreems demonstrating his “multiply your mind” label ethos with thrilling results. Berlin’s LackRec crew is well supported thanks to slots for Fadi MohemMarie Montexier and Victor, along with Benedikt Frey, who will treat dancers to his unique channeling of electro. DJ Dustin and Vlada from Giegling will make appearances across the weekend, as well as activist of the Såo Paulo LGBTQ scene, Cashu, whose politically-charged set should make for a festival highlight.
Credits from left to right: Kegen Lorentzon, Louis Guibert, Rubens Ben
Further features can be found away from the dancefloor and within Monticule’s quieter corners, as the nearby swimming hole and picturesque waterfall entices weary dancers to take a peaceful dip or limber up during yoga lessons. Thrill seekers can get to grips with a skateboard mini rap, while festival goers can also tap into their creative side through painting workshops or turn their gaze to the sky with astronomy classes.
Only 1h30 drive from Toulouse, festival-goers can also sample the famed cuisine and wine of the area at their leisure, with local producers and food trucks serving up the tastiest grub throughout the 5 day stay.
5 day tickets for Monticule Festival are now 149€ + booking fee. 3 days weekend ticket and group tickets also available.
Credit: Leo Konopizky
Credit: Ferdinand Scheuer
Credit: Rubens Ben

Andrea live (Ilian Tape / Turin)
Arabian Panther (La Chinerie / Toulouse)
Asaf Samuel & Katzele (Malka Tuti / Tel Aviv)
Bartoszek & Tom Zwotausend (AG Pappenheim / Munich)
Benedikt Frey (ESP Institute / Berlin)
Benjamin Fröhlich (Permanent Vacation / Munich)

Bogus Trumper & DJ Trompete (Radio 80000 / Munich)

Carne (Failed Units / Berlin)
Cashu (Mamba Negra / São Paulo)
Cher Monsieur & Yannic Bartel (LHF + MRT / Vienna + Munich)
Cinthie (Beste Modus / Berlin)
Cønfetti & Jules Gaardls live (La Berlinoise / Toulouse)
Cosmo Vitelli (I’m a Cliché / Paris)
DJ Dustin (Giegling / Berlin)
DJ Gigola (Live From Earth / Berlin)
Dreems (Multi Culti / Sydney)
Efdemin (Ostgut Ton / Berlin)
 Eva Geist (Macadam Mambo / Rome)
Fadi Mohem (LackRec / Berlin)
Fantastic Twins live (Optimo Music / Berlin)
Fez (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Flo Scheuer (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
H live (Echokammer / Munich)
Hugo Capablanca (Discos Capablanca / Berlin)
INIT live (Hivern Discs / Berlin)
Johannes Mergarten live piano (Lenient Tales / Vienna)
Jonas Friedlich (Molten Moods / Munich)
Khidja (Malka Tuti / Bucharest)
La Staab (Blitz Music Club / Bochum)
Lauren Hansom (Mutual Action / London)
Marie Montexier (Warning / Berlin)
Maxence (Dissidance / Berlin)
Mikey Gee (Lagué Moin / Munich)
 Optimo (Espacio) (Optimo Music / Glasgow)
Orpheu the Wizard (Red Light Radio / Amsterdam)
Otto live (Bureau B / Berlin)
Ricarda Marai & Max Vincent Raw (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Roman Flügel (ESP Institute / Berlin)
Sacha Mambo (Macadam Mambo / Lyon)
Shari Vari live (Malka Tuti / Hamburg)
Shimé (Naiv Studios / Munich)
Surgeon (Dynamic Tension / London)
Thur Deephrey (AG Pappenheim / Munich)
Veli x Viwo (MRT / Munich)
Victor (LackRec / Berlin)
vince & Michal Zietara (LHF & Loser Records / Vienna & Berlin)
vinson (Naiv Studios / Munich)
Vlada (Giegling / Moscow)
Walter Wolff (Ag Pappeneim / Munich)
Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape / Munich)
Zozo (Macadam Mambo / Istanbul)
Eva Geist live
Sacha Mambo
Zenker Brothers
Andrea live
Asaf Samuel & Katzele
Shari Vari live
Full Circle
Cosmo Vitelli
Fantastic Twins live
Hugo Capablanca


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