Morttagua: What’s In Your Box

Brazilian artist and Timeless Moment boss Morttagua checks in for the latest episode of What’s In Your Box?

1.  Dee Montero – Halcyon [Diynamic]

Diynamic has been one of my favorite labels in the last years because it has so many facets and styles and never has release that doesn’t sound fresh. When I heard this track for the first time in the hands of Solomun at the BPM festival I felt in love with it instantly and have been rocking it since it released earlier this year.

2.  Fehrplay  – Skarven [Mood of Mind]

Fehrplay is an artist that passes unnoticed by many of the underground community, specially the Techno guys,  I believe do to having had many releases in the more “happy melodic” prog vibe.  But his underground tracks deliver some serious darkness and dance floor power like no other producer. ‘Skarven’ has been added to my live sets this year and is making some serious dance floor damage through Brazil. The introspective break down followed by the powerful analog synth riffs on the main drop brings the roof down and some serious climax moments.

3. Valer den Bit – Viento (Morttagua Remix) [Timeless Moment]

Valer den Bit is a great talented upcoming artist that has a lot of melodic producing skills. When he sent me his track “viento” I wanted to sign and remix it for Timeless Moment right away.  The orginal has some great melodic riffs and nice and dirty analog synths, but I felt that I needed to get a little more dance floor power to play live in Brazil.  Getting that rolling bass with techno percussions combination was all I needed to transform Viento in a powerful hit on my sets.

4. The White Shadow (FR) – Back In the Jungle [Timeless Moment]

I have been a huge fan of The White Shadow sound for some time and was really glad when he jumped on board with Timeless Moment project and sent me an Ep for release.  Back in The jungle   gets the dance floor hypnotically grooving as the dirty acid synths  keep building up and up through the track. On top of the well-constructed groove there are some lovely delicate melodies and amazing placed percussions.

5. Teenage Mutants – Exit (Glenn Morrison Remix) [Fall from Grace Records]

Glenn Morrison has been one of my major influences in the Progressive scene on the last decade and it made me so happy to see him producing quality underground tunes again since a couple of years ago, after a hiatus where he produced more commercial songs.  His remix for Teenage Mutants has some wonderful rolling grooves that go amazingly well with the atmospheric melodies of the original mix. Glenn’s new underground label Fall from Grace has been putting some amazing Progressive and Techno releases, and for sure , is one to watch labels in the upcoming years.

6. Oovation feat. Etyen – The End (Flow & Zeo Remix) [Timeless Moment]

Oovation is another amazing new upcoming talent from Germany and has been producing some special underground melodic pieces.  From the moment that he sent me ‘The End’,  I knew that Flow & Zeo would love this vocal and would be up for remixing it!  Flow & Zeo are absolute legends in the Brazilian underground scene and I have been following them in Brazil’s raves and parties since long before I ever think about being a Dj and electronic Music producer . You can imagine I was really honored when they accepted the challenge to remix for Timeless Moment, and the result was simply amazing as you can see.

7.  Moonwalk – Existence [Parquet Recordings]

Moonwalk has been delivering some great dance floor track of late on labels such as Stil vor Talent and Diynamic, but for me none of them compares to ‘Existence’, one of the first tracks I ever heard from the duo.   I have been playing it in almost all my live sets for the last year and it works every time. The crowd simply loves the contrast between the heavy compassed bass line with the fast paced arpeggios, a simple but effective mixture of elements that gets everyone going crazy on the dance floor.

8. Jean-Michel Jarre & Rone – The Heart of Noise (Morttagua Remix) [Free Download]

Jean-Michel Jarre has always been one of my biggest idols in electronic music, and when he made the remix pack for “The Heart of Noise” available I knew that I would be able to honor him making something really epic with his composition.   This remix was made available as free download and had great success for me as a set ender, since the breakdown is really long and deep.  After the long and trippy break, the drop comes so powerful with the rolling grooves and melodies that you can’t go wrong!

9.  Thomas Gandey & Pete Grace – Carried on (Betoko Remix) [Einmusika]

This is one of my favorite progressive vocal tracks in the last few years.  The percussion flow and 80s feel that Betoko was able to put on this remix has caught me inside my deepest feelings since the first time I heard it!  It’s really hard to play it live though, since I have been always getting peak time slots, but I feel it works perfectly for morning after hours sets.

10.  Reinier Zonneveld – Centaur [Stil vor Talent]

Reiner has been my absolutely favorite producer this year, putting constantly out, one dance floor smash after the other.   Centaur  is simply bloody brilliant, with a nice and groovy bassline witch goes perfectly well with the synth riff, that remind me a lot of many progressive tunes from the last decade. It brings me good old memories from that time while bringing some new modern elements on its percussion and fx, making this track a perfect choice for any prog or techno orientated crowd.

Morttagua has new music out now his Timeless Moment imprint, you can purchase those release: here


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