Moscow Based MI.LA On Conquering Fear Of Failure

Russian artist MI.LA got her career off to a great start with the Nick Warren approved ‘Melancholy’. We had a chance to catch up with her following a brand new EP for Manual Music.

Hello Mila, thanks so much for joining us today, tell us a bit about yourself, where are you living now and how long have you been producing and Djing?

MI.LA: Hi, Now I live in Moscow. I have been writing music for 2.5 years.

How did you get into electronic music and where did some of your earliest inspirations come from?

MI.LA: I used to go to techno, house and electronic music parties, where I met many Moscow DJs. A couple of years ago Claptone came to Moscow and during his performance I realized that I would like to compose music that will bring people joy and happiness.

I was hesitating to play music because I was afraid to fail. And one day, a friend of mine asked me: “if you like it so much, why don’t you do this?” To be honest, this question turned my mind) and I asked myself “yes, why?”

2.5 years ago I decided to go to music school and have been studying for 1 year. During my studies I realized that composing music is a complex process in which there is only 10% of inspiration and 90% is a technical job that takes a very long time.

MI.LA: I am inspired by the feeling that occurs while I’m writing my tracks. When you create new rhythms, melodies and you really like them.

Tell us about electronic music in Russia? How is the nightlife there and are you actively involved in it?

MI.LA: In Russia there are many musicians who compose electronic music. There are DJs who play live sets of their music.

We have a very active night life) Almost every week different foreign DJs like BUTCH, Stephan Bodzin, Gui Borrato play in Moscow clubs. Of course I try to go to interesting parties.

Nick Warren was one of the first big DJs to support your music, how important was that in becoming validated as an artist and just for confidence in general?

MI.LA: It was very unexpected. One morning a friend of mine sent me a link and when I saw that Nick supported my music I was in shock. It is very important for me when my tracks draw attention of well-known artists, it gives confidence in what you’re doing.

You’ve got a new EP out now on Manual Music. Tell us about it, the production process behind the tracks and how they ended up on the label?

MI.LA: When I was composing the track, I realized that there is a need in vocals. I found a guy who had a good voice, I threw him a demo and he recorded the vocals. When the track was finished I thought that Paul might like it and sent it to him.

Would you consider that release your biggest achievement to date? and if not what is?

MI.LA: Each release for me is a step forward. I am very pleased to cooperate with Manual Music. I really want to work with top labels)

Megapolis 89.5 FM seems to have been very supportive of your music this year. Tell us about their place in the Russian scene, they have a quite a popular platform do they not?

MI.LA: Megapolis FM is a popular radio station. I am very glad that they decided to play my track “Never Close Your Eyes”.

How difficult has it been trying to get your demos heard by labels?

MI.LA: It is always difficult for a beginning artist. But in this case the most important are perseverance and aspiration. It is necessary to compose new tracks, send demos and hope))))

You’ve done some free downloads on soundcloud in the past, with Sweet Musique and Soundspace. How important were they in getting you recognized?

MI.LA: I was very glad when my tracks have been taken by Sweet Musique and Soundspace. These resources give a good number of wiretaps and subscribers.

Could you share your top 5 up and coming female artists/DJs?

MI.LA: It is hard to call, but I like the creativity of Giorgia Angiuli

Do you have a radioshow? and if so when and where can we hear it?

MI.LA: Unfortunately I don’t have any radioshow for the moment.

What’s coming next? What can we expect to hear from you later this year and in 2018?

MI.LA: My plan is to compose a lot of beautiful music and and to be released on well known labels. In January 2018, I will have a release on Lump Records.

Let’s end with your current top five, what music are you loving at the moment?

MI.LA: I like Moderat – Eating Hooks, Stephan Bodzin – Lila, Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Last Day (David August Revision), Soul Button – Master of My Fate, Howling – Phases

MI.LA has new music out now on Manual Music, you can purchase the release: here


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