Music Promotion Services For Independent Labels and Artists

C-U recently launched a new DJ and music promotion service, that distributes carefully selected releases to the world’s most influential DJs and showcases your music to thousands of underground music fans around the world.


Music promotion

C-U offers independent artists and labels the opportunity to have their releases premiered on C-U’s social channels and website.

All releases are carefully selected to ensure they continually exceed our followers expectations.

Our reputation for selecting amazing underground is something we will never compromise and is more important to us than selling coverage to the highest bidder.

DJ Promotion

C-U have built a strong reputation as an industry tastemaker, by showcasing only the best new music.

Our music promotion service is only available for qualifying releases and applicants should note we employ a rigorous criteria, to ensure the music meets the standards expected by international DJs.

C-U music promotion team use an industry leading platform to deliver your music, which increases the chances of DJs reacting to your promo.

We will only send your music to high profile DJs because it reduces the chances of your music being shared and distributed via illegal music subscription websites before release.

Please note that C-U offers a DJ promotion service only and will not send your music to blogs or the general music media.


If you’re a DJ, label, artist or PR company and interested in working with C-U, you’ll find details of how to reach us here.

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