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MUUI – Nopefun EP (Paranoid Dancer)

MUUI had a phenomenal 2013, showcasing his distinctive sounds and skills across a fantastic range of EPs on labels like Lowbit, CHANGE AUDIO, Crossfrontier Audio, and Outside the Box. ‘Nopefun’ is the debut release of his new Paranoid Dancer label, and it features MUUI himself offering up four new tracks that demonstrate the harder, techier side of his sound.

‘Buett’ is probably my favourite of the bunch here, featuring a truly dizzying and exhilarating spinning hook, propelled along by a simple off-beat bassline and bone-rattling percussion, and building to a stunning drop. ‘Deux’ is murky, grungy, and experimental, but despite an amazing build-up about two-thirds of the way through, there wasn’t enough movement throughout the track for my tastes. The title track is taut, lean, and mean, with hard-hitting kicks, chattering hi-hats, a rumbling bassline, and crazy, piercing motifs tripping out the top end of the track. By the time it fully hits its stride, just before the three-minute mark, it’s simply unstoppable. Finally, we have ‘Oko’, which is perhaps the most distinctive of the four tracks, and it really sounds like MUUI had fun making this one. Funkier than its three siblings, the churning, distorted basslines on this one leave one hell of an impression – this is my second favourite on the EP, for sure.

This EP sees MUUI in top form, turning in some of the most creative, exciting, and mind-bending techno and tech-house you’ll hear all year. As a debut for Paranoid Dancer, it could hardly get things off to a more promising start. 9/10


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