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Namatjira feat. Mz Sunday Luv – Painters Dream Time Remixes EP (Asymmetric Recordings)

One of Asymmetric Recordings finest releases of the year was ‘Painters Dream Time’ by Namatjira and Mz Sunday Luv. It’s deep grooves and sultry vocals received two amazing reconstructions from Khen and Noraj Cue, both of which performed exceptionally well in our Hype Charts. Now for the labels 92nd overall release we see Khen’s previously unavailable dub version along with two brand new interpretations from Qoob and John O’Connor.

The first remix is provided by Khen who is making his second appearance on Asymmetric Recordings. The Israeli producer’s first take on the original release was exceptional and perhaps the only drawback for a handful of DJs was that it wasn’t dubby enough. Asymmetric has now given the less vocally included DJs out there a chance to play Khen’s mix as they’ve included his dub version here. All the amazing elements which made the main remix so great are allowed to shine even more here minus the vocal. If you’re looking for a powerful dance floor record you’d be hard pressed to find something more impactful than this. Don’t miss it.

The second remix is provided Qoob who are returning to Asymmetric Recordings for their second appearance. The Russian duo dropped their ‘Desert Cry’ single on the label in March and have since appeared on BC2, Clinique Recordings and Lowbit Records. For their ‘Painters Dream Time’ interpretation Qoob have crafted a solid groove and melancholic soundscape in which the vocal masterfully sits. The deep emotional tones of Mz Sunday Luv and bright, metallic coated melodies are the ultimate contrast and make for a very interesting listen. The laid back tempo is nice as well and complements the lazy groove of the original perfectly. Well done Qoob.

The third and final remix is provided by John O’Connor who is making his debut on Asymmetric Recordings. The Irish producer has been a staple of the Stripped Recordings roster and has also appeared on Mirabilis Records. John’s techno inspired twist on progressive house has lent itself quite well to ‘Painters Dream Time’. Backed by a powerful, chugging groove John has given the track a timeless techno sensibility with classic pianos, playful hypnotics and a massive breakdown which really delivers some magic. A huge remix from John and certainly one of his best productions to date. Great remix edition from Asymmetric Recordings.

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