Namatjira – Silent Silhouette (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection continues it’s strong ways of late with a new single from Namatjira.


The Dutch producer had several career highlights this year; remixing Subsky’s classic ‘Strawberry Fields’ was certainly one and the ‘Painters Dream Time’ single on Asymmetric also stands out. Namatjira’s new single for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Silent Silhouette’ and it features remixes from Navid Mehr and Danny Lloyd.

Namatjira’s production output has varied quite a bit this year. There have been a mix of deeper, mid tempo pieces along with several melodic house constructions. ‘Silent Silhouette’ definitely falls into the latter category and it should be a delight for all those that loved his Subsky remix. It’s bouncy groove is flanked by atmospheric pads, chattering percussion and a bubbly complement of lead melodies which carry wonderful texture. The effortless exuberance that the track seems to carry throughout is really it’s strong suit though; an uplifting journey that should fine favour with a wide range of deep house, house and progressive DJs.

The first interpretation is provided by Navid Mehr who is making his debut appearance on Balkan Connection. The Canadian producer started his solo career (post-Beat Syndrome) with a bang when his first track ‘No Ego’ was played by legendary DJ Hernan Cattaneo. Two subsequent EPs on Change Audio produced similar results and yielded outstanding remix productions from Dubspeeka, Pole Folder, Andre Sobota and Silinder. Navid’s interpretation of ‘Silent Silhouette’ marks his first solo remix project and the result is outstanding. Coined ‘Children of Babylon’ Navid’s remix takes things into even deeper territory with an abundance of smooth lines and shifting atmospheres. The emotional aspect of the record is incredibly strong and ultimately makes it a great dance floor weapon; from its warm underbelly of chord changes to a tastefully constructed sequence of top end keys there are lots of goose bump moments waiting here and all make for a brilliant first remix production for Navid

The second and final interpretation is provided by Danny Lloyd who is also making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. We last heard from the Italian producer in September when his remix of Praveen Achary’s ‘Kibou’ was released on Dopamine Music to resounding success; add to that an appearance on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat’s Volume 2 compilation and it’s been a stellar 2014 for Danny. For his ‘Silent Silhouette’ interpretation Danny has crafted another silky smooth, percussive groove for which he has become so loved for. It’s one of those eternal hypnotic rollers that you just want to listen to endlessly cause it’s so pleasing to the ears. A charming remix from Danny which caps off a very strong release for Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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