Napalm & d-phrag – Mars Landing (Balkan Connection)


Napalm & d-phrag are one of the hottest up and coming production duos and they have been incredibly prolific in the studio of late with releases on LuPS, Mirabilis and Sleepless Nights. This week sees their debut on Balkan Connection with the ‘Mars Landing’ EP which comes with remixes from: Stas Drive, Tintin and Magnetic Brothers.

The ‘Mars Landing’ original is one of Napalm & d-phrag’s biggest tracks to date. Certainly produced with peak time play in mind it rolls out of the gate with a big subby bass line and some striking electronics. The introduction of a wicked hypnotic line builds the energy up dramatically and the tracks techy framework only pushes it higher. The main break showcases some grinding electronics, big swirling sweeps and a quick build back to a stripped down portion of the groove which should see a great dance floor reaction. The bubbly lead returns quickly and the track storms forward for a nice finish which goes big but not too big.

The first remix comes from Stas Drive, the Ukrainian producer has had a string of incredible productions recently on an DAR Digital, Sangria, OLD SQL and Balkan Connection. This is Stas’s eighth appearance on Balkan Connection with the last being his incredible remix of Paul Martinez & Fiddler’s ‘Somebody’s Face’ which was released in January of this year. Stas’s remix of ‘Mars Landing’ goes just a touch deeper than the original and adds considerably more atmosphere which sounds fabulous. Stas is a master at those swirling waves of ambience which encompass the mix through its peak and also through a wastlandic style breakdown which should create a great vibe on the dance floor.

The next interpretation comes from Tintin who is returning to Balkan Connection for his fourth appearance in the last six months. The Spanish producer recently remixed Mariano Mellino’s ‘Luhuk’ and also had a nice 3 track EP on Mistique Music. For his ‘Mars Landing’ interpretation Tintin has taken the driving peak time nature of the original and re-created it nicely with a lot of new elements that keep the energy just as high including a wicked vocal stab that should really strike a chord with the floor.

The second original on the package ‘Alto-Stratus’ comes with a similar theme as ‘Mar Landing’ but with a slightly deeper and more atmospheric feel. Rhythmic synths, glassy atmospheres and big gaseous sweeps build some sizable energy before the track strips down to just the kick and a serene backdrop. It’s the perfect midway transition into the second part of the record where the atmosphere gets pushed even higher and the panning hypnotics deliver just the right amount of sensory stimulation.

The lone remix of ‘Alto-Stratus’ comes from our favourite Russian duo the Magnetic Brothers who continue to amaze us with their incredibly diverse sound. Anton and Arthur have taken the much bigger sounding original and completely transformed it into a deep, funky and enchanting sounding piece that seems for perfect for backroom action. Great release again from Balkan Connection. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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