Neftali Blasko – Time Traveller (Clinique Recordings)

The hugely up and coming Neftali Blasko returns to Clinique Recordings this week for what is the biggest release of his career. The Mexican producer first appeared on Clinique with his remix of Anthony G’s ‘Spring Burst’ from 2012. 2013 has been very strong for Neftali with his TRR label doing really well and new productions on Balkan Connection and Sounds Of Earth. ‘Time Traveller’ is Neftali’s first single for Clinique and it comes with remixes from Dark Soul Project and Demian Deep.

The ‘Time Traveller’ original is one of Neftali’s best works no doubt. The deep, percussive groove is totally infectious and certainly perfect for the dance floor. Rhythmic bass tones and a wavering back drop complement the framework perfectly while the synth hooks slowly build up around the piece. This yields some nice energy towards the main break where the airy sounding synths really have a chance to breathe. The rolling energy quickly returns and the second half is a floating masterpiece that all the hypnotic progressive fans are going to love. Outstanding work from Neftali.

The first remixes are supplied by another one of our favourite producers Dark Soul Project. Ivan Jamie aka Dark Soul Project hails from Argentina and is also one half of the amazing Mindlook duo and also Baires Records with Santiago Garcia. DSP has delivered one of his finest remix works ever with his ‘In Love Interpretation’. The track has been #1 in our Hype Chart for the last two weeks and is also one of our favourite tracks of the year. There is so much character going on in this mix that’s it needs several listens to get a good grasp of. The rough synth stabs are absolutely deadly while the swirling keys and bubbly textures just melt your senses. The acid hooks following the drop just take things that much higher while the main melodic lead slowly builds to a boil and pushes the energy sky high. One of the best peak time progressive house records of the year. Huge stuff from Dark Soul Project!

The final remix on the package comes from Demian Moreno who is making his third appearance on Clinique. Demian’s remix is a long blissful journey that really stands out, having already been played by Hernan Cattaneo on his Resident Delta FM radioshow you know it’s certainly a special production. The 11 minute journey has a gorgeous ambient intro which sets a beautiful atmosphere for the delicate groove that follows. It’s an intricately produced piece with some superb melodic complements throughout. The simplicity of it is what makes it so special; nothing is overdone here just very tasteful and full of great emotion. The almost casual sounding hooks slowly build in intensity and before long a back drop of celestial sounding pads encompasses the production for a smooth but exhilarating climax. A very tastefully done remix from Demian and one of the best releases on Clinique to date. Don’t miss this one! Release Promo Hype Chart #1

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