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Nicholas Gunn Prepares to Release His Captivating New Production ‘Heart of Gold’ ft. 88Birds

Prepare to be captivated by the enigmatic soundscapes of Nicholas Gunn, a revered DJ/Producer who has fearlessly pushed the boundaries of Experimental, Ambient, Chill House, and Trance genres throughout his illustrious career. Now, on the cusp of a new exciting release, Gunn is poised to share his latest production, the uplifting Melodic House track titled ‘Heart of Gold,’ featuring the ethereal vocals of singer-songwriter 88Birds; this highly anticipated release will be unveiled through Gunn’s own imprint, Blue Dot Music. 

With an unique ability to seamlessly blend genres and transport listeners to new sonic realms, Gunn has solidified his position as a true visionary in the world of Electronic music. Collaborating with esteemed industry luminaries including Armin van Buuren, Sam Martin, Aly & Fila, and Andrew Rayel, to mention some of the artists he’s worked with, Gunn has garnered an impressive array of accolades. Notably, his songwriting credit for the acclaimed tune ‘For All Time’ earned the coveted title of Tune of the Year at A State of Trance in 2021, further cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with. 

‘Heart of Gold’ serves as proof to Gunn’s dedication to pushing his own boundaries, and the boundaries of Electronic music; embarking on an exhilarating musical odyssey, this track promises to ignite the senses, and transport listeners to new euphoric heights with its infectious energy, uplifting melodies, and Gunn’s signature touch, ‘Heart of Gold’ encapsulates the essence of his unique sound and style, that leaves a lasting mark on the Electronic music landscape. 

Anticipation grows as the release date draws near, poised to capture the attention of Electronic music aficionados worldwide, Nicholas Gunn’s gets ready to unleash this new production that displays his ability to evoke deep emotions and sensations through music, and ‘Heart of Gold’ is proof of this.  

Save the date: July 28th marks the arrival of ‘Heart of Gold,’ a release set to deliver a stimulating and energizing listening experience; prepare to embark on an invigorating sonic journey, as Nicholas Gunn’s latest production commands the attention and admiration of listeners worldwide, reaffirming his status as a true trailblazer in the Electronic music landscape. 

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