Nicholas Van Orton – Trevor’s Helicopter (Balkan Connection South America)

The latest release on Balkan Connection South America welcomes Nicholas Van Orton back to the label for a brand new EP.

Nicholas Van Orton - Trevor's Helicopter

The BCSA boss is fresh off a remix for Kissoff’s ‘Outland Borders’ courtesy of affiliation Balkan Connection while his original productions have been consistently earning Beatport banner features all through 2015. The latest offering from the Argentinean veteran sees three brand new originals in the form of his ‘Trevor’s Helicopter’ EP.

As the first track ‘Double Trouble’ gets underway there’s an immediate laid back and effortless vibe about it which just puts you in a great frame of mind. Nicholas’s punchy beats and delicate lines carry the track into the main break where a more distinct atmospheric theme descends over the framework. This swirling band of electronics lifts the mood wonderfully and heightens the senses for the return of those meticulously crafted beats. Beautiful work from Nicholas.

The second selection ‘Nothing Is Solid’ follows the same groovy, laid back vibes of the lead cut with a few new twists along the way. Gaseous stabs make for an even more intoxicating environment but it’s the lead motif in the main break which really shines. The wall of spacey designs coming out of the interlude flows through some devilish modulation before dropping out and letting the chuggy groove take control for a strong finish.

The third, final and also the EP’s title cut ‘Trevor’s Helicopter’ comes in as the dreamiest of the three selections and also has one hell of a groovy foundation. Powered by a sequence of ragged bass stabs this is one deep and menacing groove that Nicholas has created. The gorgeous top end has that sense of ending which sits perfectly for an EP closer as well. It caps off three excellent productions from Nicholas and another great release for Balkan Connection South America.

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