Nicolas D’Orsi – Beautiful Landscapes (Mistique Music)

The latest release on Mistique Music welcomes Nicolas D’Orsi to the label for his debut single.

Nicolas D'Orsi - Beautiful Landscapes

The Argentinean producer is a relative newcomer with just two previous releases. His contribution to Electronic Tree’s ‘Summer Sampler’ in August of this year was exceptional and he’s established himself as another name to watch in the burgeoning Argentina scene. Now making his first appearance on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music Nicolas delivers his debut single entitled ‘Beautiful Landscapes’ alongside remixes from Kamilo Sanclemente and Robert R. Hardy. 

For all those that enjoyed the subtle emotive qualities of Nicolas’ previous tracks you’re sure to love ‘Beautiful Landscapes’ as well. A smooth, atmospheric and moderately trippy first act expertly adds layer after layer of colour and texture. From indistinct vocal pads, metallic percs and big rolling beats Nicolas has crafted a sonic delight leading into the main break. The tracks centre piece brings things right down to a lovely atmospheric glow, with poignant hits slowly building tension before a smooth rush of white noise and hazy textures brings the beats back for an elegant and emotional conclusion. For a producer that only has two releases this is really exception stuff. Can’t wait to hear more. 

The first interpretation of ‘Beautiful Landscapes’ is provided by Kamilo Sanclemente who is making his second appearance on Mistique Music. The Colombian producer delivered his ‘Skywalker’ EP earlier this year for the label and has also been featured on Einmusika, Perspectives Digital and Stellar Fountain. For his ‘Beautiful Landscapes’ interpretation Kamilo has slowed the tempo down a touch and reworked all those wonderfully textured elements into a more club friendly framework. A radical revamp of the vocals initiates the main break and makes for a very tripped out and suspense filled interlude, all culminating with rising atmospherics and a subtlety epic third act finale. Excellent remix from Kamilo who is a vastly underrated producer at this point. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Beautiful Landscapes’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his sixth appearance on Mistique Music. If there was an award for the hardest working producer in the underground Robert would certainly be near the top of that list. The Hungarian relentlessly pushes his deep, progressive sound with weekly releases. He’s found a home on some of the underground’s top labels like Clinique, Soundteller and Stellar Fountain. Also a long time member of the Mistique roster, Robert once again delivers a great remix of ‘Beautiful Landscapes’, where he dials things back a bit and much like Kamilo has dropped the tempo a touch. The Hungarian’s thick, chunky grooves are unmistakable and a mesmerizing blend of atmospheres makes for an effortless hypnotic drift. Said atmosphere continues to rise into the main break and escalates further once the beats drop back in. It’s about as smooth and pleasurable as you can get and it ends the release off really strong. Wonderful remix from Robert and a top notch release from Mistique Music who have found a great new talent in Nicolas D’Orsi. Don’t miss it.

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