Nicolas Petracca – Atem (Just Movement)

The 22nd release on Just Movement welcomes Nicolas Petracca back to the label for his debut single.

Nicolas Petracca - Atem

The Argentinean producer has become an integral part of the label roster over the last few months having delivered two remixes. Nicolas now returns for his debut single entitled ‘Atem’ alongside remixes from Some Little Things and Yuriy From Russia.

There have been quite a few producers make their mark this year and Nicolas was certainly one. His dreamy creations always come with a sense of beauty and have been well received by the underground as a result. His debut single for Just Movement looks to be one of his best yet with its smooth hypnotic grooves and spacey designs leading the way. As delicate melodies begin to pierce the air a hazy atmospheric sheen descends over the piece. It’s become one of Nicolas’ production hallmarks and also one of immense beauty. The addition of some vocal pads and a touch of sonic glimmer brings the track into a relatively subdued main break, ultimately releasing some of the atmospheric tension before unleashing the groove back for a driving finale. Gorgeous work again from Nicolas.

The first interpretation of ‘Atem’ is provided by Some Little Things who are making their second appearance on Just Movement. Leandro Moyano & Matias Medina hail from Argentina and make up the Some Little Things production team. The duo burst onto the scene earlier this year and have already built a strong following through radio and chart support from Hernan Cattaneo. Their discography has been highlighted by appearances on Sudbeat Music, Hope Recordings and Dopamine Music. Now Some Little Things follow-up their contribution to Just Movement’s ‘Just Summer’ compilation with a standout interpretation of ‘Atem’. In taking some of the best elements from Nicolas’ original the duo have crafted a deeper more delicate rendition which complements it wonderfully. It’s titanium kicks and spacious surroundings make for a cavernous framework where big, rugged stabs, sweeping vocal gates and indistinct melodies carry the piece into a stripped down second act. Void of any massive break the track succeeds on an intriguing atmospheric storyboard which continually evolves over it’s running time and in doing so brings many moments of beauty. Lovely remix from Some Little Things.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Atem’ is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is one of his country’s most well known progressive house exports. The Russian artist widely regarded for his prolific production prowess is one of the more versatile producers in the underground. You never know quite what to expect from Yuriy as he seems equally adept at producing deep, dubby grooves as he is at big progressive stormers. Of late he’s appeared on Reelaux Digital, Majestic Family, Movement Recordings and Loquai’s new Refined Tunes imprint with quality material. For his ‘Atem’ interpretation Yuriy has brought his own brand of deep, progressive house with funky bass tones and a rolling melodic complement being the highlight. The Russian producer always has a flair for the dramatic with a well constructed break complete with jangly hooks and a dead drop setting up a gorgeous conclusion. A beautiful remix from Yuriy once again and a perfect end to another Just Movement release that should not be missed.

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