Nicolas Petracca – Echoes From Outer Space (Soundteller Records)

The 32nd release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records sees Nicolas Petracca returning to the label. The Argentinean producer contributed (in conjunction with Diego Azocar) to Soundteller ‘Vibrant Vibeland’ compilation which was released in January of this year. Now Nicolas delivers his long awaited first single for the label entitled ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ which promises to be his best production yet.

Electronic music fans who were familiar with Nicolas previous to this have fallen in love with his heavenly, atmospheric take on progressive house and ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ offers another expertly crafted soundscape. The Argentinean’s intricate groove and floaty, hypnotic lines carry the track on a wonderful journey. The main break is truly exceptional with subtle, breakbeat rhythms keeping the groove locked while also summoning a building atmospheric tension. The climax is very powerful but at the same time quite heavenly as the textural qualities are so well crafted that you just get lost in their blissful layers. Brilliant work from Nicolas.

The first remix is supplied by Andy Arias who is making his first appearance on Soundteller. Andy has been a fixture of the incredibly deep Argentinean scene for several years now. Key appearances on Sound Avenue, Baires, Stripped and Wide Angle Recordings highlight Andy’s discography and many of his productions feature on Hernan Cattaneo’s hugely popular Resident Delta FM radioshow. For his ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ interpretation Andy has gone with a much more tech house inspired mix and it complements Nicolas’ dreamy original quite well. The Argentinean’s quirky lines and tough framework leads to a gorgeous middle section that’s one of my favourite moments on the release. As Andy’s metallic hooks intensify a heavenly soundscape descends over the record for what is sure to be one of those magical dance floor moments. Great stuff from Andy.

The second interpretation comes from Danny Lloyd who is returning to Soundteller for his second appearance. The Italian producer has just come off a signing to Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label with Andrea Cassino under their new Nocturna alias. Danny’s ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ interpretation ups the tempo and offers a tough, driving vibe that’s packed with atmospheric energy. Vibrant rhythms along with hook heavy stabs and a wavering hypnotic tension build some amazing energy throughout the first half. The main break is brief and transitions back to Danny’s driving beats with a seamless ease. Additional vocal pads highlight the second half along with a gyrating line which delivers a mesmerizing climax that is surely the most peak time on the release.

The third and final remix comes from fan favourite Gav Mulhall aka Silinder who is now making his second appearance on Soundteller. The Irish producer has already had his ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ interpretation showcased by Hernan Cattaneo on the radio and given how excellent it sounds I’m not surprised. The Irish producer’s tightly wound, shuffling grooves are once again full of boundless energy. The lead stabs, subtle vocal gates and soft textural swells prove to be the perfect complement to Gav’s meticulously produced grooves. I know the majority of his productions inside out and for me this is one of his all time best. It’s got a great energy and most importantly a cool vibe which is hard to come by for a lot of producers these days. Excellent release from Soundteller. Don’t miss it.

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