Nicolas Petracca – Nalah / Marisel (Slideways Music)

The latest release on Tim Penner’s Slideways Music welcomes Nicolas Petracca to the label for his debut EP.

The Argentinean artist has been a long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo over the last few years and his unique melodic style has made him a favourite in the progressive underground. Not surprising to see him land on Slideways as the label always seems to be pushing quality emotive music. For his debut Nicolas delivers two sensational cuts entitled ‘Nalah’ and ‘Marisel’.

Nicolas has always had great character in his music and ‘Nalah’ certainly does as well. Dark and mystical from the outset it’s wavering atmospheres and processed vocals prove very captivating. Meditative yet still incredibly groovy the production moves into deep, emotive territory in stunning fashion. It really creeps up on you as smooth chord changes and wispy textures converge for moments of beauty. It’s done with such patience and precision that it’s hard not to get sucked in by its radiant glow. For as charming as it is, it’s incredible how well the vocal elements add depth, playing off the celestial top end and bringing a dark undertone which is very intriguing. Brilliant work from Nicolas. 

The companion piece ‘Marisel’ is perhaps even more emotive and definitely sits as a perfect complement to ‘Nalah’. Similar in design it has a slow building, enchanting storyboard with sparkling melodies and again, subtle yet poignant chord changes. These are quite unique creations from Nicolas who generally goes a lot bigger and beefier but it’s the delicate nature of the productions which really shine here. With emotive elements as charming as these, less is definitely more and probably my favourite works of Nicolas’ to date. A great signing for Slideways Music once again. Highly Recommended.


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