Nicolas Petracca – Spiral Song (OLD SQL Recordings)

The 271st release on OLD SQL Recordings features the debut of Nicolas Petracca to the label.

Nicolas Petracca - Spiral Song

The Argentinean producer had an amazing year in 2014 with releases on Asymmetric Recordings, Dopamine Music, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain. His debut single for OLD SQL is entitled ‘Spiral Song’ and it comes with remixes from Julian Dep and AmBeam.

Long time progressive house fans have been immediately drawn to Nicolas’ pixie, melodic style. Memories of James Holden and Luke Chable often resurface when you hear one of the Argentine’s productions. His ‘Nothing Is What It Seems’ EP released last year on Dopamine Music is a discography standout and his recent ‘Delirious’ for System Recordings was also great. On ‘Spiral Song’ we get an even deeper and more enchanting sound. It’s warm, well carved grooves and twilight moods are quite engaging even early on. As the layers develop though you are brought further into blissful territory which ultimately culminates during the main break with sparkling designs and gentle electronic swirls. The ‘Groove’ mix takes things up a notch with a much tougher framework and more aggressive rhythms. The dreamy qualities from the original still come through quite nicely and are even more fully realized during the main break. When the kick drops back in and the melodies are whisked away you’re left with a cavernous groove that really kicks. Two amazing versions from Nicolas.

The first interpretation of ‘Spiral Song’ is provided Julian Dep who is returning to OLD SQL Recordings for his second appearance. The Argentinean artist began his production career in 2011 but it wasn’t until his 2014 releases on Clinique Recordings, Magic Room and Soundteller Records that electronic music fans started to take notice. A more distinctive sound has been coming out of Julian’s studio of late and he’s showcased that wonderfully on his ‘Spiral Song interpretation. Filled with trippy lines and fluid rhythms it’s a mix that carries great momentum from start to finish. What’s makes it a great complement to the original is its new found melodic motifs which run through the second half of the piece. Wonderful stuff from Julian!

The second and final interpretation of ‘Spiral Song’ is provided by AmBeam who is making his second appearance on OLD SQL Recordings. The Polish producer delivered his lovely ‘New Horizons’ LP for the label in November of 2013 and has also appeared on MIstique Music and Mistique Emotion several times. The melodic breaks sound may not be what it was in 2004 but the vibes are quite strong on AmBeam’s productions. His interpretation of ‘Spiral Song’ is beautiful. It’s gritty beats offset the shimmering melodies perfectly and it make a great one to listen to at sunrise or sunset. Gorgeous stuff from AmBeam and a great release on OLD SQL Recordings.

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