Nicolas Rada – Mephistopheles (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds Nicolas Rada returning for his first single entitled ‘Mephistopheles’.

Nicolas Rada - Mephistopheles

The Argentinean producer has been one of the primary artists on Balkan Connection’s South American division and also has Electronic Tree, LuPS Records and Majestic Family on his discography. Nicolas now presents his first single for Balkan Connection which includes remixes from Rafa’EL, Ewan Rill and Robert R. Hardy.

Nicolas’ deep and groovy take on progressive house has become a favourite of many in the underground and ‘Mephistopheles’ may be his best yet. A sequence of bass stabs carves out a wicked foundation while dark tones and chugging rhythms add a vibrant energy early on. As the piece strips down into the main break a trippier mood ensues and the anticipation rises higher. The murky electronics soon give way for the beats and a complement of clattering drums which should make for a great moment on the floor. Nice work from Nicolas.

The first interpretation of ‘Mephistopheles’ is provided by Rafa’EL who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. The Polish producer has been a regular on Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue as well as Balkan Connection’s BC2 division. His fresh progressive sound seems perfect for ‘Mephistopheles’ and he’s delivered a wonderful interpretation here. It’s a touch more atmospheric and therefore mysterious in nature but the main themes are very prevalent. It’s the added melodic motifs which make the track though, there’s an extra bit of emotion because of it and it sits as a very worthy complement to the original. Great remix from Rafa’EL.

The second interpretation of ‘Mephistopheles’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his 61st appearance on Balkan Connection. The Russian producer is the heart and soul of the label in many ways and his sound has shaped it’s path as well. Ewan is always a formidable remixer, you can count on him to push the creative boundaries and not settle for reusing the same themes with very little imagination. He’s done that once again on his ‘Mephistopheles’ interpretation which sits as my favourite on the release. It’s driving, percussion groove is perfectly dialed for club play and the smooth harmonic narrative is captivating every step of the way. Excellent work from Ewan.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Mephistopheles’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. It’s hard to believe that the Hungarian producer has never appeared on the label but I have to say it’s about time. Robert has grown into one of the best deep progressive producers in the underground. He’s got a real knack for crafting dubby, late night grooves that you just want to listen to endlessly and his interpretation of ‘Mephistopheles’ is no different. Robert’s percussive, deep techno workout is an ideal complement to the previous three versions and will no doubt make for a great backroom anthem or mood setting piece in a larger venue. This man in on a roll and if you haven’t checked out his music I suggest you do so. Amazing work again from Robert and an excellent release from Balkan Connection.

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