Nissim Gavriel – Purple Sky (System Recordings)

This week kicks off what looks to be an incredible month of releases for System Recordings. It finds Nissim Gavriel returning to the label for his second appearance and first single. The Israeli producer contributed his ‘Forbidden Love’ production to the labels ‘Illuminate 5’ compilation that was released in June of last year and he has since appeared on 3rd Avenue, Elliptical Sun and Massive Harmony. Nissim’s first single for System Recordings is entitled ‘Purple Sky’ and it comes with remixes from: Kaban and Verche.

Nissim’s original gets underway with a tough kick and some spooky hypnotic lines. The DJ friendly intro leads to a very serene sounding break that’s adorned with glacial pads and some well processed mallets which really sound fabulous. Once the kick drops back in the piece builds nicely with a softly wound vortex of hypno-keys that carries the track into its second break. The second interlude is a touch tripper and even more captivating with these cool gaseous sweeps that lay down some lovely tension. The cool thing here is once the groove returns all the atmosphere gets washed away and you’re left with just the meticulously constructed framework which closes the track out. Brilliant stuff from Nissim.

The first remix is supplied by Kaban who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The Mexican producer is loved in the progressive house underground not only for his solo productions but for those with fellow countryman Alex Villanueva. For his ‘Purple Sky’ interpretation Kaban has provided a wonderful drummy rework that’s going to be dynamite on the dance floor. Infectious vocal hooks and a clattering groove build up some sizable momentum which carries the track to the main break. Here a much more emotionally driven vibe comes into context as the blissful pads and hypnotic keys build to a great climax before the groove returns. It should be big moment on the dance floor but one that still carries a sense of hope and longing which are two states that are very well conveyed from those wonderful pads.

The final remix on the release comes from one of System’s primary artists Verche who is also part of their A&R team. My love for Verche’s productions is well documented at this point and it’s a rare event that one of his tracks doesn’t charm me. He’s got such a unique melodic style that is really like no other producer that I’ve heard. His ethereal sounds are absolutely divine to listen to and the underlying techy nature of his productions make them ideal for a contemporary dance floor. If John Digweed is playing his stuff and it’s this melodic then he must be doing something very unique in the studio. Verche’s interpretation of ‘Purple Sky’ is my favourite on the release and it perfectly presents all the great production qualities that I’ve come to love from him. The gritty texture on the drums and the drifting, electronic gates are very much dub techno and when you combine that with Verche’s uncanny ability to produce heavenly soundscapes you’ve got another bang on the money production. Just brilliant work from Verche here and top release from System Recordings.

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