No One Name – Stardust Revolution (BC2)

The latest release on BC2 welcomes No One Name to the label for his debut single.

No One Name - Star Dust Revolution (BC2)

Based in Lima, Peru Diego Aragon aka No One Name has been a regular on Armada, Baroque and Symmetric Records over the last few years. Now making his much anticipated BC2 debut Diego presents his latest single entitled ‘Stardust Revolution’ alongside remixes from Paul Hamilton and Ri Za. 

The original mix gets the release underway with a tribal infused groove and mysterious vocal elements. A strong tonal theme leads the way early before a complement of keys adds a kaleidoscopic motif. The vocal plays heavily before a quick drop strips away the atmosphere and the full percussive complement appears. It’s a smooth build into the second act where a timely break steals the show with another quick drop before waves of vocals and airy melodies carry the journey home. Great stuff from Diego.

BC2 provides two excellent remixers in Paul Hamilton and Ri Za who put their own club inspired take on the track. First up Dubai based Paul Hamilton brings his progressive minded style with a tougher, edgier rework. Electric synths build a great vibe early before the hopeful pads descend over the framework and put a more emotive spin on the track. Subtle modulation combined with smooth chord changes makes for several magic moments before the clustered melodies and vocal elements converge for a gorgeous finale. Top remix from Paul. 

The release concludes with Ri Za making his label debut having appeared on parent label Balkan Connection two times in the past. Bringing a somewhat deeper and more spacious vibe the Slovakian artist has delivered a great complement to the previous two versions. The vocal and tonal elements carry the piece with ease while a warm complement of drums bring great rhythmic flow. Escalating melodies carry nicely through the second act and it’s bulbous groove becomes all the more prevalent as a result. A well constructed break with just the right modular storyboard delivers tension with restraint and a wicked drop as a result. Top remix from Ri Za and a great offering from BC2 yet again. Don’t miss it.


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