Noa Romana & Deersky – Behind The Eyes (Balkan Connection)

The 285th release on Balkan Connection features the return of Noa Romana & Deersky to the label. The much loved production duo are among the best at producing dreamy atmospheres and silky smooth grooves which their last single ‘Planetarium’ showcased so well. Their newest studio production is entitled ‘Behind The Eyes’ and it comes with remixes from Exoplanet, Ewan Rill and Eze Ramirez.

The original version begins with a fat kick and a great complement of drums which already give the track a very spacious feel. A well shaped bass line soon drops along with some smooth rhythms which enhance the momentous groove quite nicely. As the track approaches the break a sparkling line of keys begins to swirl around the atmosphere and the emotional vibes continue to rise. The break that Noa & Deersky have crafted is incredibly heartfelt with those pixie-like keys enchanting your senses even further. With the atmosphere at its wispy peak the beats return and a stripped down portion of groove charges forward while the swirling backdrop continues to mesmerize the surroundings. There’s a great sense of melody and soul in this production which you can really feel during the exhilarating second half conclusion. I’d say it’s Noa and Deersky’s best to date but all their stuff is of similar quality so it’s a real tossup. A brilliant piece of music and my favourite version on the release.

The cool thing about the remixes is they all sound very different from the original which doesn’t happen that often. Exoplanet returns to Balkan Connection for his 8th overall appearance and provides a funky, acid interpretation that is not only unique and quirky but perfect for an intelligent dance floor. The second interpretation sees Russian producer Ewan Rill making his 48th overall appearance on the label with a storming peak time rework that really rocks. Ewan’s waves of percussion and charging hypnotic energy sound absolute massive here and they make for a perfect party record. Argentinean producer and long-time member of the Sound Avenue label collective Eze Ramirez closes the release out with a stripped down version that focuses on the dubby qualities of the original while offering small hints of its atmospheric brilliance. It’s a restrained remix and it fits in really well with the previous three. A very strong release from Balkan Connection and a killer original from Noa & Deersky once again. Don’t miss it.

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