Noa Romana & Deersky – One Moment As A Whole Life (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Soundteller Records finds label boss Deersky back in the spotlight with a brand single with studio partner Noa Romana.

Noa Romana & Deersky - One Moment As A Whole Life

Hailing from Belgium and Poland respectively Noa and Deersky have been quiet for much of this year. We saw a nice return just last week with remix of Cream & Deep Fog’s ‘A Train To Nowhere’ (also released courtesy of Soundteller Records). Now for the labels 68th release we see the duo with a brand new single entitled ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ which includes remixes from Seb Dhajje, Robert R. Hardy and Gvozdini.

Noa and Deersky paved the way for many up and coming progressive producers in 2011. The duos deep, atmospheric sound was fresh and it was certainly indicative of where the genre was headed. Now almost four years later their sound has gone through a few stylistic shifts but the dreamy qualities which attracted so many to their productions still remains. ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ is Noa and Deersky’s first original since late 2014 when their 3 track EP ‘Things We’ll Never Understand’ was released on PHW Elements, and it’s certainly well worth the wait. It’s bouncy groove and playful rhythms are immediately inviting and the soft atmospheric overlay adds a wonderful elegance. After a calculated first act where the emotion builds a gorgeous piano motif is unveiled which lifts the track higher to heavens. It’s a delicate design and one which carries the track to a serene conclusion. Gorgeous work from Noa & Deersky and great to see some new original material from them again.

The first interpretation of ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ is provided by Seb Dhajje who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. We last heard from the French producer last December when his remix of Vincenzo & Florian Kruse was released on Anjunadeep. The Otrement Music label boss has been quiet ever since so it’s great to see him with a new remix on Soundteller. The vibe of the original seems perfect for Seb to weave his sonic magic and the results here are quite spectacular. Seb’s deep, tranquil vibes and warm, fluid groove are a joy to listen to and the main motif shines brightly over his perfectly constructed groove. The main break is gorgeous and certainly a highlight but the way all the elements come together during the third act is the true icing on the cake. Classy melodic work from Seb.

The second interpretation of ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his eighth appearance on Soundteller Records. The Hungarian artist has been one of this year’s hottest producers. His recent ‘Tiarra’ EP for Stellar Fountain showcased his amazing original work while remixes for Time Capsule and Mistique Music have also been exceptional. Robert’s been a big part of Soundteller’s success in recent years and he always seems to deliver excellent work for the Deersky headed imprint. His ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ interpretation is no different as his deep grooves are sure to win everyone over. Robert’s version comes off a touch trippier with a lovely chain of effects on the lead; it makes for an even dreamier soundscape which his tough minded beats cut through nicely. There’s no big, overblown conclusion or break; just a smooth journey which will be equally great on the dance floor or your iPod. Excellent remix from Robert. 

The fourth and final interpretation of ‘One Moment As A Whole Life’ is provided by Gvozdini who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records . The Ukrainian producer is fresh off his ‘When I Grow’ single for Majestic Family Records along with remixes for Balkan Connection and Inmost Records. Gvozdini’s bigger more peaktime style is a great addition to the release as all the other versions here come in on the deeper tip. He certainly closes the release out with a bang as his tough beats, big rolling groove and scattered percs leave a long lasting impression. The gorgeous elements from the original give it a lovely emotional sheen and the vocal gates which develop out of the break are sensational. Amazing work from Gvozdini and a top shelf release from Soundteller who are on a real roll at the moment.

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