Number9 & Yamil Farag – A House Safe For Tigers (Clinique Recordings)

Clinique Recordings continues its strong momentum this week with an exciting collaboration from Number9 and Yamil Farag. The Argentinean duo are making their first appearance on Clinique here and they’ve crafted two brand new tracks which make up their ‘A House Safe For Tigers’ EP.

The lead track kicks the EP off with a dubby progressive vibe that is quite lovely. Rolling waves of bass stabs make up what is an incredibly infectious foundation and ultimately give the track some huge momentum right away. The addition of some fresh rhythms and screechy electronics complement the groove perfectly and give the track a lot more edge as well. The hypnotic nature of the record is what’s so great about it, for whatever reason it reminds me of the Bedrock remix of Terry Farley from 10 plus years ago. The breakdown adds a subtle emotional component as well that proves to be the ideal interlude before the intoxicating rhythms return for the second half. This track is a pleasant surprise, a really well constructed groove from Number9 & Yamil Farag. The companion piece ‘Radiation’ closes the EP out with another amazing dubby, progressive vibe that might be even better than ‘A House Safe For Tigers’. These are tough tracks to accurately put into words but what is certainly evident is how strong the rhythmic components are. The top end melodic elements do deter just a touch from the strength of the groove but it’s a minor criticism as the foundation of this record is absolutely sensational. Not to draw another comparison but there is a major old school CJ Bolland vibe on this which is definitely a good thing. Two top tracks from Number9 and Yamil Farag and one of our fave releases on Clinique this year actually. Highly Recommended.

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