Oliver Lieb – VY Canis Majoris (BC Edition) [Balkan Connection]

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds the label presenting the latest in its ‘BC Edition’ series.

Oliver Lieb - VY Canis Majoris

This time we see the Serbian imprint showcasing Oliver Lieb’s ‘VY Canis Majoris’. Originally released on Proton Music in May of last year the track shot to the top of both Proton and Oliver’s best selling tracks chart on Beatport. Now almost a year later we see Balkan Connection showcasing it’s timeless beauty once again alongside two new interpretations from Ewan Rill & Casper and Jelly For The Babies.

The first interpretation of ‘VY Canis Majoris’ is provided by Ewan Rill & Casper. The Russian artists have been sometime studio collaborators in the past with great results and deliver again with a funky, driving interpretation. Backed by a chunky groove it powers forward with great momentum as bands of effects and quirky hooks fill the air. Wonky bass tones initiate the main break as the beats fade off into the distance as a trail of sonic decay tantalizes the senses. Cross cultural vocals bring the beats back as the framework begins to reconvene for a smooth and also somewhat emotional conclusion. A great club rendition that puts the original in a more progressive minded context from Ewan and Casper. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘VY Canis Majoris’ is provided by Jelly For The Babies who is making his 48th appearance on Balkan Connection. The Purr Music and One Of A Kind label boss has taken Oliver’s stark production hallmarks into deeper, warmer territory. The techno minded sensibility is still quite evident in those perfectly contoured beats and detailed framework but Jelly adds his own effects driven storyboard which really makes the track. The warm pads a are a lovely touch as well as sweeping synths pass through the framework with an electric flair. The running time is immense at 11 minutes but some well timed transitions and smooth hypnotic flow makes it blow by pretty quickly. Top notch remix from Jelly For The Babies and another great BC Edition for Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.


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