Omar El Gamal – Canopus (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Omar El Gamal back to the label for his first EP entitled ‘Canopus’.

Omar El Gamal - Canopus

The US based producer first appeared on the Argentinean imprint with a remix of Scotty’A’s ‘Perception Shapes’ which was released in July of last year. 2015 has been a strong year for Omar, a recent gig alongside Dave Seaman and Darin Epsilon has been a highlight along with releases on Stripped Digital and System Recordings also making their mark. Omar’s first EP for Golden Wings contains three brand new studio productions and also celebrates the labels 10th release.

For those that have followed Omar this year you’ve heard some very well crafted, deep progressive house and that’s exactly what we get on the lead track ‘Canopus’. It’s chugging foundation sets a great groove in motion and the waves of percussion just pick the momentum up all the more. As the soft ambiance builds around the framework there’s a warm, fuzzy electronic glow that develops which is quite wonderful. It lays down the perfect canvas for a captivating melodic narrative, it’s smooth and enchanting yet still somewhat exhilarating. There are a multitude of emotions wrapped up in this track and it’s the subtly of the delivery which makes it so special. The EP’s second and third selections prove to be very worth complements to ‘Canopus’.

‘Identity’ presents a similarly celestial design but with a beefed up groove which carries a nice dance floor sensibility. A vocal sample storyboard keeps things fresh while a wave of washed out atmospherics lifts you higher to the heavens. Although quite simple in design there’s something very appealing about this track. Definitely one of my favourites from Omar to date. The EP is closed out with ‘Sirius’ which design wise falls nicely in line with the previous two selections. Omar has a knack for crafting these ethereal atmospherics that seem ever-evolving and keep you locked for entire duration of the track. This one is no different with a sparkling top end that shimmers it’s way to a wonderful conclusion that just leaves you wanting more. Top notch EP from Omar and a great release from Golden Wings Music.

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