OMB – Naica Crystal (Baroque Records)

Daisuke Yamagishi aka OMB hails from Japan and has been a well known name in the progressive house scene for over 10 years. His releases on Audiotherapy, Silver Planet, 3Beat and more recently Flow Vinyl and Baroque have been championed by Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and a host of other top DJs. A recent collaboration with fellow countryman OGAWA made some serious noise on Dominique Heyninck’s Sound Avenue imprint. The original mix was selected as the #1 Must Hear Progressive House track for the week of it’s release on Beatport. This weeks sees his return to Baroque Records for his 6th appearance on the storied imprint.

The lead track on the release ‘Naica Crystal’ sees OMB crafting a deep and chunky groove. The foundation of the piece is extraordinarily heavy and definitely carries some series dance floor weight. The rumbling groove slowly gets layered with a well processed haze of electronics along with a quirky little hook that adds some nice complementary swing. An ethereal vocal sample provides a celestial touch before the track builds in intensity. The growing atmospheric tension really sneaks up on you here and makes for a pretty epic conclusion that should be perfect peak time material for contemporary prog house DJs. The companion piece ‘Cusp’ is another big sounding production from OMB. It’s one of those bubbly rollers that generates a lot of momentum throughout. Some very well edited vocal bits provide a wicked hook along with some fresh sounding electronics. The centre section of the record sees it strip down somewhat and that’s where the enormous bass stabs really come to life. The tracks rebuilds itself and peaks with an escalating vortex of hypnotic rhythms which is really intense and works perfectly with that gargantuan sounding foundation. Two monster productions from OMB and a top notch release for Baroque this week. Highly recommended.

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