One Million Toys – You Just Level Up (Mistique Music)

The latest release on Mistique Music welcomes One Million Toys back to the label with a new single entitled ‘You Just Level Up’.

One Million Toys - You Just Level Up

Sagy Amir aka One Million Toys hails from Israel and made his debut on the label with ‘Marble’ in February of 2013. Recent remixes for Dave Seaman and Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic feat. Rick Pier O’Neil have been sensational and his new single looks to be one of his best originals yet.

The cutting edge design which sets One Million Toys apart from so many is apparent once again on ‘You Just Level Up’. Following a DJ friendly intro the crunchy rhythms and well carved synths lock down a great groove. The raspy hooks build anticipation over the first act and lead the track into its main break. Here the distinctive motifs develop with an electric flair and tension rises higher as a result. With anticipation growing during the interlude a complementary lead theme is unleashed. It’s epic to say the least and once the groove drops back in the track charges forward for a big finish. Massive tune from One Million Toys.

The first interpretation of ‘You Just Level Up’ is provided by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic who are making their 64th appearance on Mistique Music. It’s been another busy year for the much loved trio, recent remixes for Rick Pier O’Neil and Diego Poblets have both been standouts and rumor has it there are several new collaborative projects in the works. There are a lot of very distinctive elements in the original and Micheal, Levan and Stiven have reinvented them in a much smoother more contemporary sounding groove. The warmth and flow of the production is what really stands out and also makes it a great complement to the bigger, bolder original. A bevy electronic designs overloads your senses throughout and the hypnotic break proves to be a unique and satisfying interlude. A sequence of quick drops and clever edits highlights a rocking middle section before a second break sets up the ultimate payoff. Wonderful remix from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic.

The second and final interpretation of ‘You Just Level Up’ is provided Tash who is making his second on Mistique Music. The Greek producer and Movement Recordings label boss first appeared on the Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic owned imprint in 2012 with his ‘Trainspotters’ single. More recently Tash has been enjoying the best year of his career with his remix of Marcelo Vasami earning club, radio and chart support from Hernan Cattaneo and his ‘Days Off’ single rising into the Beatport top 20. Movement Recordings has also been flourishing and a string of strong releases since mid 2014 has elevated the label further with no signs of letting up. Tash’s ‘You Just Level Up’ interpretation certainly keeps that great momentum going and closes the release out very strong. The Movement boss always seems to bring his remixes closer to the dance floor and that’s exactly what’s he’s done here. Built around a percussive framework and rolling groove the distinctive themes get teased in as the track builds towards the break. Here a more subversive use of the parts keeps the vibe cool and understated all while setting up an even groovier conclusion. Excellent remix from Tash and a great release from Mistique Music once again.

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